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  1. Hello, How to set the text position in AF Designer like in the photo below? -Thanks!
  2. Hi, Did you wait a bit? If you click on the Create button then you need to wait some seconds because it needs to load. Did you also check your channels tab? And also select your photo that you want to create channels for.
  3. I already seen them but thanks! I like mine more because its simple and I'm from photoshop and i like it doing that way Mine are 7 Lights & Darks and 3 Midtone channels. All at once.
  4. Hello, I create 2 macro's, one for creating the liminosity masks and one for deleting them. The .afmacro file is on the bottom of the post! Enjoy! (How to install) 1. Go to View > Studio, and check the Library. (See photo 1) 2. Go into your Library tab and click on the icon next to the library in the top right corner (3 stripes) and click on 'Import Macros' from the dropdown menu. (See photo 2) 3. Search for Luminosity Masks.afmacro. (See photo 3) 4. Congratulations you can now use the macro's (See photo 4) Luminosity Masks.afmacr
  5. Hello, Are there some good tutorials/courses for color correction/grading in Affinity Photo? -Thanks!
  6. What i mean is, without compatibility mode my app is starting slow or i dont even start (then the startup image background gets white and then i get an error message saying that windows can’t start the app or something ) and then i need to force shut down. In compatibility mode its starting very fast without any problem also my raw image is loading pretty fast (like 30% faster) only the sliders/functions are a bit buggy my pc freeze somethings when using them. I hope i was clear enough now? Sorry if i was not clear yesterday i was tired from work Thanks!
  7. Thanks! 1. Yes, every thing is up to date and i have the full admin privileges. 2/3. When my app is in compatibility mode its very fast. 4.Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU 3.20 GHz RAM - 8GB (7.85GB avaible) HDD - 2TB Video - GeForce GTX 970 5. DPI = 300, The brush size doesn't matter its always not moving smooth, Everything is up to date, and i'm not using WARP as renderer.
  8. Hello, I'm new to Affinity and i came from Photoshop. So i have few problems, i have Windows 10 It can't start without compactibilitie mode set on windows 8. It takes also long time for starting. When i want to open my RAW files in Affinity it takes a lot of time to load. When i want to adjust my RAW pictures brightness,shadows,clarity, my computer freezes for a few seconds when moving the sliders. My live brush preview also not moving smooth. I can't use the program because of how slow it goes sometimes with al the freezes and stuff. Thanks!
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