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  1. Good idea, I will get a system in place so I won't forget anymore....
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply, I didn't know corrupt files were an option too. In the meantime I tried everything, including deleting and re-installing the brushes several times and changing all the settings in Affinity and in my Drawing tablet app. But in the end it turns out that my Huion drawing pen needed to recharge I feel a bit silly now, but I only have to do this twice a year, so I easily forget... The pen still worked with half of my brushes, but not all. It needed to charge for a while, and now magically things work again. Glad it was my pen!
  3. Hi, My DAUB brushes don't work anymore. Any tips? It is a problem, as I made some artwork with DAUB pastello brushes, and have to make it a bit bigger to add some bleed. They did work before, and my Kyle brushes still work too. I tried importing them again, but they still don't work. Some other brushes don't work anymore too. Thanks in advance, Karina
  4. Hi, Are Affinity files created on an iPad seamlessly compatible with Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher on my windows laptop? In other words: can I open artwork I made on the ipad as an Affinity file on my laptop, and then work on it a little more on my windows laptop, and vice versa? This might be a really stupid question, but I just want to make sure things will work before I buy an iPad. Also: what's the easiest way to transfer Affinity files between an iPad and Windows Laptop? As I can't seem to store Affinity files in icloud , and I don't believe iPads usually have an sd card slot. Thanks in advance for your reply! Karina
  5. Yes you can. I am no expert, but I have the DAUB brushes and papers, and they seem to work fine in the new version. You can also use them with the new version of Affinity Photo. If you think they work better in an older version of Affinity Designer, you can also download an older version of Affinity if you use the DAUB brushes. Maybe it is best to write en email to DAUB to be absolutely sure there are no differences in brush behaviour. But from what I can see when I tested the brushes and papers in the new version of Affinity Designer they work fine. Hope this helps.
  6. I bought the DUAB collection last week and the brushes are now in my brushes folder, and the papers in my assets studio in Affinity Designer. I don't understand though how to place the paper correctly on my canvas. Do I drag it and fit to size? This makes the texture obviously much larger, not really like paper anymore. Or do I tile the paper like a repeat pattern until I have enough to cover the whole canvas? This also seems a bit odd. Also, Affinity Photo does not have an assets studio. Do I have to place the paper on the correct size canvas in Affinity Design, and then export it like .tif or so to be able to open it in Affinity Photo? If the DAUB paper is placed correctly in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo, and I use the DAUB brushes, do they automatically interact? Or do I have to change the settings? Thanks a lot for your help! Sorry I have so many question, this is all very new to me... Karina
  7. Hi, I know this is an Affinity forum, but do you guys own Rebelle 3? I tried a lot of drawing apps (ArtRage, Corel Painter, Krita, Expresii and Rebelle), and I decided Rebelle is best for me. But I can't seem to navigate, and can't find the solution anywhere. I contacted Rebelle, but haven't received an answer yet. The problem: I downloaded the demo version, but I can't navigate to left, right, top or bottom once zoomed in. As you can understand this feature is vital to me to be able to draw in detail. I saw this really handy navigation screen in the top right corner in a video about navigating Rebelle 3, but I can't find it in my version. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT1-gPiHetk I use a Huion Kamvas HD 156 v2 drawing screen, and also can't navigate with the buttons on the screen like I do in Affinity or Photoshop. Do you have different shortcuts in Rebelle 3? It would be great if you can help me out! Karina
  8. Thanks for mentioning I should buy another app. I didn't realize this. It seems you need a different app for everything to get the best results. Still love Affinity though!
  9. Thanks, I looked into all the apps mentioned, and I think I'm going to buy Rebelle (downloading the demo now). CorelPainter is too expensive, and Artrage seems about the same as Rebelle, but everyone says Rebelle is better for watercolor.
  10. Thanks gdenby, I will buy the set and try it out asap. What are assets? Sorry, I'm a newbie
  11. Thanks a lot to you all! I'm looking into all the options you mentioned. One more question: In the DAUB manual for the recommended brush set it says that the paper textures are specifically designed for Affinity Designer. Does anyone know if the paper textures will work in Affinity Photo as well? I will mostly be using them in Affinity Photo for drawing. Karina
  12. Hi, I create watercolor drawings on paper, and I would like to achieve the same effect in Affinity Photo. I tried many watercolor brushes (DAUB, Kyle's brushes), but I don't get the same effect as on paper. I very much miss the the texture of the paper. Normally, the texture of the paper interacts with the watercolor paint, which causes beautiful irregularities. In Affinity, everything looks very smooth, every brush stroke looks the same. Is there a way to mimic the effect watercolor has on paper in Affinity? Thank you very much! Karina