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  1. I see, I'm such an idiot, I did work in grayscale in the beginning of the project to figure out the lighting as its my first complex isometric design but wrongly assumed that it was just normal greys and not a separate colour model as the whole document is RGB. I then introduce colours from source images and adjusted them in HSL as its simpler than adjusting 3 sliders in the RGB model that explains why nothing matches the numbers and what I'm visually seeing on my screen. How do I make all my current shapes and future shapes in this document the right colour going forward?? Also I apologies fo
  2. Yeah those two shapes with the code C0C7CD are correct and was my own mistake, but the dark grey shape inbetween them code 424242, now if your try and change the colour of C0C7CD or any shape to 424242 I personally get a colour of 3F3F3F instead of 424242 which could be another mistake on my part but all shapes are now at 100% opacity and shouldn't be picking any other colours other than the target colour. what do you think? ---EDIT I'm an idiot using 3 different colour models thats why noting matches sorry to waste your time
  3. Yeah seems to be the case with one of the situations i spoke about. In my response to thomaso is my source file if you want to investigate yourself
  4. Ok I'll send the send my source with an element of trust as it personal work for my portfolio. One of the issues seems to resolved as one of the shape was at 50% opacity which I didn't take into account. But trying to colour pick the dark grey colour within the design presents the wrong hex code as I've just double checked before sending this by trying to check other shapes colours NES.afdesign
  5. I've just checked and the smaller of the 2 layer was at 50% opacity which I didn't realise, but I've changed that now and the colour doesn't visually look the same. Also changing the colour of the smaller shape to the dark grey colour still shows the wrong hex code
  6. I've uploaded 2 video demos if you have the time see if I'm doing something wrong or it is a bug
  7. Hello, I hope someone can help. I've found tonight that the colour picker and colour panel aren't working correctly for me. I colour picked a colour from a reference image after laying in the design in grayscale and applied it to the shape on the bottom left of the screenshot I've attached. I then selected the shape to the right of the image and colour picked the colour from the previously filled shape and as you can see it won't change to the correct colour, which you can also see in the layers panel that the two shapes aren't the same colour. I initially thought that it was a version issue a
  8. Hi everyone finished my interpretation of what the iPhone should look like along redesigns of some of the stock apps Feedback much appropriated
  9. @JimmyJack you have no idea how long spent trying this and various versions of this until I gave up. But I was breaking the intersection directly below where you did in your video
  10. Sorry if my question has caused problems. I just wanted to know why tracing the symbol with the pen tool caused parts to have “holes” in it and what I could do to make it a solid object. I understand now if I change the fill mode in the layer menu it should fill in the holes. But will this work solution if I want to apply a gradient fill? Or would it be better to draw the outline of the symbol and then cut out the inner sections with the subtract operation?
  11. Hello referring to the attached picture how do I make the musical note a solid shape? used the pen tool to trace the shape but can't seem to get the lines to join each other
  12. Thank you for your feedback much appreciated! Not sure why they didn’t use round rectangle. But when I tried to use one when I was trying to figure out what was wrong initially. Copying/pasting the shape and changing the size of the highlight and shadows didn’t work because the shape became distorted. But I guess this can be fixed with baked corners?
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