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  1. My backups were made using Time Machine, and I've been able to successfully restore everything from there! Here's where I found everything that had gone missing: Users > "username" > Library > Containers > com.seriflabs.affinitypublisher > Data > Library > Application Support > User Inside that folder, the assets.propcol file is what I restored for my missing assets. I also had to restore my macros.propcol, doc_spread_presets.propcol and object styles.propcol files as all of my previously saved macros, document presets, and styles were missing. In case it makes a difference, my affinity apps were all purchased through the Mac App Store. Hope this helps!
  2. Turns out you had no need to feel insecure, here's the response I got: This warning is shown due to the Colour Picker within Affinity and we don't actually record your screen. It's a new feature brought in by Catalina and like i say, is linked to our Colour Picker which has the ability to pick a colour from anything on the screen, which the MacOS takes as screen recording. This is also present in other apps that happen to have the colour picker as well. By all means you can disallow it, but the colour picker won't work.
  3. After updating my MacBook Pro to Catalina, my Affinity Publisher has lost all of the saved presets and assets I'd had. This includes page presets, Styles, many text and graphic assets, and more. This is a huge setback...please tell me there is a way to restore all of my information! (I do have regular backups through time machine of my entire computer)
  4. I came to the forums looking for information on this as well. I've just emailed the company asking why I got this prompt (which I denied). If/when I get a response from them I'll let you know what they say!
  5. I have been trying all of the different options to export to PSD from Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo, and nothing is working. All it gives me is the message "An error occurred while exporting to: (File location). I just installed all of the latest updates to versions 1.7.2 I've also made sure that all of the layer names are short and simple. I've tried all of the presets for PSD (preserve accuracy, preserve editability, and Final Cut Pro X) Is there something I'm missing? Ultimately, my goal is to export to a file type that can be opened by Adobe programs with he layers in tact. Thanks!
  6. Every time I try to export a file to PSD that has any layers with FX on them, I get an error message. If I rasterize those layers, along with their effects, it will then export. However, that defeats the whole purpose of exporting to PSD to be able to later edit the layers in Photoshop. Please fix this bug!!
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