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  1. Hello ! Si je puis me permettre de placer une recommendation. Vous pouvez en attendant que Serif n'implemente son DAM regarder avec Luminar 3 de Skylum (anciennement MacPhun), cette nouvelle version est assez bien expeditive au niveau de l'apprentissage et surtout Luminar peut etre utilisé comme plugin dans Affinity Photo (quoi que je n'ai jamais vraiement essayer d'aller jusqu'au bout de cette manip)
  2. Thanks @MEB i have Art Text 3 on my Mac and was just about to remove it but will give it another try. Well talking about external plugins or external apps as plugins to Affinity, Softwares like Art Text 3 would be of great help if they be included or added as plugin to help us create shiny 3D stuffs then get those back to Designer or Publisher or even Photo for further works. will Serif make it possible for us to plug couples of apps to the Affinity line the same way some other guys here can make use of Nik collection or Luminar or other solutions to power their Photo works to another level?
  3. Dear can you tell me more about the color replacement brush tool and what it is intended for ?
  4. Hello @Phily Happy to read your question, let me now add my 2 cents here. in fact, i have a Technic i enjoyed a lot for days which consist to duplicate the Brush you want to work with, then you go to its settings and in the advanced tab simply slide up the Hue bar; don't forget to put the setting next to that Hue bar to (by unfolding it) to Velocity or simply whatever you may prefer. After that's done, close it and enjoy painting with flowing Hue colors. 100% Hue with Velocity will give you more color variance, if you set less percentage of Hue then you will get colors that fits in that space only (which i found not bad at all). Hope this will make you happy !
  5. Well ! i'm back with this other which i believe will help us all. Personally i like the way Serif made it cross-edit between all 3 piece of software but ... because there is always a but ! i Think the way it was and is managed is a bit counter productive or maybe not at its fullness. let me explain ! Here when you have a file opened on APub and want to do some work on it with ADesigner you can Edit with Designer then the whole project is transferred there leaving APub empty of everything but sometime we only want to edit a precise thing such as a smart shape etc... thus making the transfer of the whole project to ADesigner a kind of ... What if Serif could make it possible for us Click on the Object we want to edit and : 1- Right click on it then chose Edit with : Photo or Designer (depending of what we may want to achieve) 2- After selecting the desired object, we can also click the related persona (place where we want to edit) then have that precise thing migrated there for its edit 3- Should be the option we currently have, if we select nothing but click on one of the persona or chose to Edit with ... then whole project get migrated there for its further edit leaving APub Blank. The first 2 options should leave the core project opened in APub then only we should be able to edit the select object then click save to get its edit saved as an update withing the already opened and not closed project withing APub. The we can chose to edit only a part of the project without leaving the main tool we use and see the updates in real-time. Well, more geared peoples can add to this idea and help make this get better. Blessing !
  6. Exactly what i meant ! That Home Persona can be an enhancement of the Welcome/Splash Screen allowing us to view our recent using miniatures. Don't laugh but we often give funny names to project thus making it a bit hard to find which one is the correct project. So having a welcome screen where we can view miniature of the project would help us quickly decide which one to open.
  7. Dear i would advice you to move from Lightroom to Luminar 3 coming on the 16th of december that you can get for a special price. Also, Luminar works very well teaming with Affinity Photo which (i guess) have fully or partially replaced Adobe PS in your workflow. The version 3 of Luminar have quite nice livrary management and cool improvements according to the linked contents. Blessings !
  8. Coming back to this ! Most peoples on the forum have asked that tool and @MattP actually asked us to tell what we really want to achieve or do so that its helps him to implement something that fits. I say : the tool is on the official, so i'm just updating with more details to help the devs team. May you who read this feel free to add your 2 cents contributing for a better tool to be implemented. The linked video from my friend Tom Satori shows few of what i personally believe and would like to see possible with Affinity Blend/Replica tool when it is implemented.
  9. Hello everyone ! Today i want to ask a question that can lead to something interesting for the Affinity suite (Publisher - Designer and Photo). Well, we have all seen the recent updates and some brought satisfaction when other just brought tears but ... that's not my point here ! Just wanted to know : How will you feel if Serif comes up with a Home Persona or a Home Button ? I'm asking because personally it would be very helpful to be able to see actual working/worked on or simply opened/created project on its specific section. I've had hard time to find recent projects etc ... well i make use of the recently opened stuff or recent documents (whatever it is called)... it's good but it's not enough and dedicated place where i would be able to view miniatures of recent documents (i would limit this to .Af files only - no other format) and just click it to open it knowing what i"m opening. if i'm not wrong it is possible on the iPad version (someone to correct me here if needed) so why not on the desktop version and the current Beta Cycle is the best season to test it. Blessings !
  10. Ok got it ! Now how can the blurriness be reduced (it's Ok that it can't be 100% fixed)? Please a non-technical Instruction would be of great help !
  11. So you are saying the fact that there is still no way to fine tune or set proper anti aliasing with Affinity ... we get stuck until they fix it ?
  12. Y'Elloooooooooooo ! The weekend looks Good at the level i upgraded my Facebook Banner + Profile Picture. Despite the blurriness i get when exporting from Affinity products (came back again ) after so many fixes that made me so proud of the product. Took it and updated the thing, now let me share it with y"all here !
  13. Can't believe i just put this together and proposed Serif to implement a kind of neuronal network for all Affinity instances installed over the world to share knowledges and grow in intelligence ! Maybe too much watching of Terminator or Tony Stark made me think of such technology ... but i admit it would be great and good. Just need to avoid fall into the Matrix world.
  14. Well said and in respect to your words i would say this: The more serious software comes to Linux is the more devs and others will bring fixes and make the system better. The only guys who cares and really to make Linux better are the folks behind the terminal, those who consider graphical interface to be an abomination or a nightmare. Creative peoples are to conquer Linux in it's early hours with revolutionary tools like Affinity suite, look i'm not day dreaming but everything we see on windows started somewhere and finally grew; i just remember someone in this forum shared the very first Ui of inDesign and Adobe illustrator and .... these where just ... beurkish but peoples trusted it, liked it, supported it and finally the baby grew up to become one of the top ruler in today solution. Question: Can't Serif take a serious place on the sunny side with this great Affinity Suite ? The Jaapie (Mark Shuttleworth) like someone said is the guy who can be of great help if possible. He long time ago said Ubuntu will beat Windows and he actually was true at the point Ubuntu is the first distro to be installable inside windows because the giant named mirosoft realized this small one was to become a good friend. Just my 2 cents !
  15. @TonyB you will get that money just stay calm and confident @Andy SomerfieldSomerfield Linux is simply a world with an ecosystem to conquer, nothing else, Affinity would run smoothly on Linux if we consider the fact Linux makes less use of resources than it's brothers (Windows and MacOs) also check projects like Pop! Is from system76, KDE Neon, Elementary OS, Fedora 30 (coming soon) and much more
  16. it's working a charm on my side. now waiting to see it's reaction on new rss content
  17. Okay ! here comes the proposition or question. I've noticed everything or all tone map we apply to a pixel layer (let's say i merged visible and decided to apply tone map to it) that operation is still destructive. I mean, tone mapping is very helpful but would be great if it become non-destructive. Okay maybe i'm missing a way to do that but i always : merged visible and applied tone mapping from that thus preserving the other layers ! if there is a way to tone map non-destructively please let me know if not yet then please Serif, make it happen. Blessings !
  18. Hello @Bri-Toon forgot about your question. Digital Art Studio is YouTube channel that upload graphic Design Tuto and video made with Affinity Designer (most of them) almost twice or more per week ! I just don't know who is the man/women behind that channel so just wanted to thank him in case he was here on the forum. it's been a long time since your channel was updated with a new content !
  19. Dear you made me laugh so loud i couldn't breath ! Was in fact talking artificial intelligence ... not Artificial illustration ! Note that i said Serif team should bring progressively onto the suite, a step by step implementation is better than a one time load which often result in the whole thing getting broken. But at this stage like i said, few stuffs would benefit of it such as the content aware fill, fill tool, pen tool all snap functionalities. Making Affinity to be capable of learning from its users is a good thing, then shared stuffs would contain knowledge acquired from other experienced users who have made their Affinity even intelligent. it will transform the resource sharing by buying or installing a brush the user would benefit from new level of intelligence and reactivity. i'm just thinking out loud, maybe this too much Sci-Fi but i think it is possible !
  20. Well, I have not a lot to say, the title says it all. Affinity line of products have great tools and impressive functions but I strongly and deeply believe it is time for the thing to get an Ai. There are great benefits from implementing Ai with deep learning. Resize, crop, selection, tone map, snap, resources management to only list these can get great benefits from it. Even most common tools such as pen tool, fill tool, transparency tool, defringe, haze removal, live perspective, blend/replica tool etc can benefit from it to. Devs should think about and put something on the rails, please don't the 100% ready route implement step by step, tools by tools and have us to work with it and revert telling how it is doing so you can better it and deliver a top notch or next plus ultra software line of products. Blessings !
  21. Hello @edferg Was just looking on how to Bump map with affinity photo and your content helped me to find it. Well there are many methods but that one is okay and i like it thanks ! I think it should be brought to front instead of being burried within another filter, a dedicated bump map filter with necessary settings would be help full. So if we want to add live light then we only add live light but we can just chose to make bump map itself without the need of passing through or by the live light filter. i invite @Andy Somerfield and @MattP to have a look here and tell us what they think. Well i use Mac but the settings are the same on both plateforms/ Blessings !
  22. Whoo ! What a great one. Will installed it and make use of this with massive joy. Thank you for sharing !
  23. Hello everyone, Hello @KateM Two things i've noticed that i want to raise here. 1- Affinity Spotlight website is stuck on Beta 162 of Affinity designer, so updates aren't fresh enough (see attache capture) 2- Affinity Spotlight doesn't have it sub forum topic at all, i do believe some folks here would like to give their inputs to help that place grow! Hope you are still reading from here and will make things much okay for everyone over the web. Blessings !
  24. hi @Hanan Edwards are still here ? have you got new stuffs that works on affinity like this great tone mapping you shared?
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