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  1. Hello everyone ! Well i will try to make it short, today ! With all recents improvements brought into Affinity line of product, i believe it is time for Serif to develop what i would call smart layers. Well this smart layers would be similar to what one have on photoshop (smart object) but will be more flexible and would allow users who convert from Adobe products to not lose it all: Smart layer would : a- bring more non destructive possibilities as when we uses the develop persona Case: i open a a photo and switch to develop persona then do my thing there, the minute i click Develop the software should actually not apply all those tuning liek it does now but instead convert the photo into a smart layer and embed all settings in there as sub Adjust. layers or Live Adjust.layer allowing us to fine tune it later if wanted. b- handle smart objects from PS and make it possible to fine tune them or even better convert them (only convertible functions) into what we actually have and use on AfPhoto then allow users to continu and finish their work started on PS with AfPhoto with ease. c- help us go beyond what we do and actually make it possible for AfPhoto users to create Dynamic Mockups that would be used among all 3 softwares and even exported for use with PS but discarding non compatible stuffs also allowing to open and process Mockups crreated with PS without losing anything. implementing Smart Layers would actually open to new possibilities and this is only a glimpse of what i think it could be, anyone here more talented or aware of stuffs then i do should had inputs here to help the Dev's to figure it out even better. Blessings
  2. Hello Everyone ! Back today with only small stuff i've recently made. again that client of mine Perez Chapel Foucks for a quick Job (Yes they like quick stuffs !!!) A simple banner + Profile picture for their use. Hope you'll like it ! do not forget: Tell me what you think of it it was exclusively done with Affinity Designer Public Beta Yes it has been a long time since i started and finished a project on AfDesigner only, since AfPublisher my workflow have evolved a bit.
  3. Hello Team ! Just wanted to know at some stage Affinity Photo will support Lens Profile for devices like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Pixel and Mi by Xiaomi ? IN fact, today there a lot of people are shooting with their mobile phone because it is what they own and like but those devices doesn't produce RAW file the same way big brand does but some will produce HEIC, JPEG and TIFF files. I know you focus on Pro and Expert but will it be possible for small creators to also be taken in consideration ? Blessings
  4. Because it is always better to have everything in one place. ONly they don't work as expected then one can search - find - install and use another one (more suitable to him) Less is more: less installed software on a laptop/mac is still more. Blessings.
  5. Hello Team ! i believe Affinity Publisher would do better job and be even competitive if you had a possibility to do OCR or Characters recognition on loaded PDF or scanned documents. in fact Publisher should be pair correctly with scanners and have Pro level scan functionalities to allow more Pro to converge or convert to it. There is a capture software called snagit who does that job so why not Publisher ? Hope this helps ! Blessings.
  6. Thank You so much Olivio. Nice job, i just got mine right now. Blessings !
  7. i had so much fun of the April Fool from Serif which made me laugh so loud until the level no sound in anymore. Would be great if Serif can simply make their software much intelligent than it is right now, i mean Affinity Suite have great potential but also need something that makes it stand out.
  8. Well it is simple ! I personally am amazed with the level of precision acquired by Adobe since they've implemented the Adobe Sensei technology. I recently was asking myself (now i ask to Serif) how fun and interesting would Affinity Photo (and maybe the two others) if Serif develop an intuitive and efficient intelligence that will power their software. not only Adobe but Skylum took the same path and powered their software with Artificial intelligence and now and they are getting very popular, not only that the tools are getting much better and really saves time for impressive results. Just put everything here and hope Devs and staffs will read and indicate us if something similar is coming to Affinity, if not then i tried and it was fun to try. Blessings.
  9. Hello everyone ! Back today with this very quick one. Did it for my Computer training business ... well you will notice i'm the principal Host for this workshop. Like before, please do your inputs that help me to make it better every new design. This is to go out in 7 hours from now, so you can still make it change for the good. Not a lot to say, except the fact that very soon i will stop posting my designs here as i think a forum is not a place where this should happen. Would be pleased if Serif puts in place something like Behance to help us showcase our work, subscribing to such service is not something i would refuse but until then just note i may stop at any time posting my works here. We are not there yet so for now, enjoy the linked stuffs ! The entire work was done with the recent Beta Release of Affinity line of Products. Blessings
  10. Hello everyone ! Hello Team ! Well, i just want to make this request/suggestion that i believe will be of great interest for many in this community. We love affinity Photo a lot but still there are point we often disagree with and tends to make use of other tools but we end up lose a lot of time and some time lose it all. Among those so much wanted features i notice the precious Skin Tone Fine tuning. Well, there are tons of methods that we can use to fine tune our skin tone but when looking closely they are intended for Pro or peoples who have considerable experience with Photo software, but when it comes to newbie ... they just lose it all. So i propose a New Skin Tone Fine Tune - Live filter to be implemented; that live filter must allow us to work fast on skin tone applying quick and auto mask to the subject skin so we can work on it. A bit more ? Well, I suggest this : - an Auto detection of skin tone to be implemented the second we select that filter then a quick mask applied, allowing us to fine tune the mask because skin also share the same color as background and environment. - After mask is okay then we can play with the sliders few of them can be : Smoothing, Brilliance, Vibrance, clarity, sharpening, blemish correction and maybe Hue (for those playing the Hulk stuff) ... do not forget to add a color/picking tool to allow average color picking (kind of manual method for those wanting to select precise areas or ranges) - All this should happen in live mode so we see in real-time what we do and how is the output - When all necessary tuning are done, just click apply Making this a Live filter is a plus that will enable us to come back to it tuning again and again thus increasing the interest Newbie and learners (and even Pro) may have about Affinity Photo. Believe this: the day you will offers us such quick way of working a lot of people will be at peace. Please do not remove or delete the actual way of doing the same job as many people like to do things manually so they have to be satisfied. May another one in this forum fine tune this suggestion for the good. Blessings until this is implemented for the Good of Photography.
  11. Thank You so much your intervention and words bring so much clarity. I will propose them a corrected version with your changes and see how they react to that. Blessings !
  12. Hello Dear Friends, Hello Community ! Well, i was far for long time due to many reasons and the most important one to be, i needed to spend time with my wife and son and also take a rest ... on the other hand, i needed to learn more and do some private test of what i learned. You may ask what i was learning that took me so much time, well i would simply reply: the Art of Photo Retouch, Photo Composition and simply said, the art of Photography. Well my weak point that i still need to improve is Photography and all pixel related stuffs while my understand and level of vector works is much higher now. Not saying that much, iwas contacted by a brithing company to make a simple Facebbok banner that fits their vision. Specialized in travel with couple of side services, Tamawis trusted me for a small and quick work which resulted on the banner attached here. Like for all previous works, please add your inputs and tell me what would you do to make even better and if there is a style that you would recommend me to learn that can help me get better. ... the job was done with Affinity Publisher + Affinity Photo Beta exclusively .... Here i made more use of Adjustment and Mask but also the Develop persona helped a lot even if i expect more to be added to Affinity Photo to make it really what it is to be. Blessings !
  13. Hello @Alfred @R C-R You both got it right! @Callum in fact i'm not going the New Web Design Software route but asking for few more to be added and the example i point to is SketchApp recent improvement. I mean, like ADesigner, Sketchapp is a vector design software which used to sucks a lot but peoples who design websites and make app design use it a lot (not for development) and even contribute to make it better: it is their product. I mean we use ADesigner and it can be confusing to also install SketchApp on the same PC/Laptop just because i may want to draw or design an App like i would do with the other App or even think about going the XD route just because of it's Artboard wire and Sync etc. i mean the way ADesigner manages symbols must be improved and also the constrain studio needs to be improved and i believe with all recent tuning made with predominant tools like the pen tool, the node tool etc... it will be a pleasure to do App Design with ADesigner. This is mypersonal though about how things are managed by Serif up to now in regards with the public. if other companies can make a great success of a function or a concept they've actually got inspired by Serif, then Serif have no right to not improve or drop down what they create because it is proven that Serif know how to invent. I don't know how many hours of tuto I've watched on YouTube when CC 2019 first came out making great noise of things we already had with APhoto and ADesigner and ... they got even more users and fans when Affinity only went to 1 million users instead of 2 or 3 million users. Hope this will help ! Blessings.
  14. Hello Guys Thank you for your replies. in fact i was talking about few functionalities that will make ADesigner to be used for Websites mockups and flat designs, things that we present to client before development decision is made. I mean like what we see people do with SketchApp or Figma or even inVision. Those functionalities that helps. For one of my old designs i was happy to have those symbols things you put in there, they actually helped me for many things like color sync etc... So having more tools like that would be great and helpful for those who do websites/apps mockups Blessings !
  15. Hello Support ! We got surprised by the step taken by Serif Affinity team on bringing new functionality into ADesigner that made the software even usable and one of it was symbols. That time you made the move, other software specialized on Web Design (Vector Design) where playing on other ground and suddenly adopted the symbol thing and i see few have quite improved it. Personally i was waiting for ADesigner to offer new stuffs like wire stuff that allow to connect artboards etc... in fact, now that Muse and other Website design software are dead, we all tends to rely on what we have and i see a lot of people switching to XD and they do evangelize a lot about it. So i ask again, have you dropped the web design land ? Are we going to see more stuffs that will make ADesigner the tool we would use for website design ? Is the publisher what you are now preparing to do that job ?
  16. Hello Everyone ! I would like to know what is the easiest way to match colors on a Photo Montage/Composition in Affinity Photo without going all this crazy and too technical way. Is Serif thinking about bringing in the Color Match Live adjustment ? it is needed and may help shorten too long workflow or steps. Blessings !
  17. Hello People Hello Dev's and Team Well today i'll make it simple for this amazing product we love. I would suggest a new Special Filter to be developed and implemented on Affinity Photo. The Skin Tone Live filter This Special filter should take care of helping the user to process skin tone adjustment in a Pro way and with ease of use. it should come with a tonal range picking tool that allow to pick and a set the initial/reference point/color range we would like to apply into areas we wish to correct. The filters should be Live and Non Destructive allowing a anytime tuning. The same filter should also include slider that will help us achieve things like Smoothing etc... like existing Filters is should have a Mask in it so we can paint the adjustment on specific areas we think we need to correct. let's say i want to make a model skin uniform, i would select the skin color Filter, use its picking/tonal range selection tool and click on the area that i think is the good/best tonal reference point, once i get that point it becomes what i will paint using brush tool in areas i think should be corrected, then i paint into areas i want to uniform to see them updated with selected tonal range and from the same Filter i should also the able to slide left or right (starting from center) to smooth or sharpen the applied skin tone. This should help us spend less time working on model/portrait skin tone but gain great results. if others can learn from us then we too can learn from them but make it 1000 times better than how it offered/presented actually. That was my suggestion for Affinity Photo. Blessings !
  18. As always @Wosven you give the best advice and ask the best questions. I will do a favor to you because you help me so much but it won't be public at all (at least for now). You have opened a door to many thus believe you are a great blessing. Check your mailbox. Blessings !
  19. Hello Dear Affinitizers. Happy to be back with this quick one; yesterday i was trusted again by Perez Chapel Foucks to design a quick Banner + Square ad for their whatsapp and other socials. The idea is simply to announce the monthly topic they are to talk about. As they liked the previous job made for the Diner so they asked this other one to be as the previous but a bit customized. Like always, your inputs are welcome and will help me improve even more like you have noticed i'm doing since i'm sharing my works here with you. @Andy Somerfield i have struggled a bit with the tone mapping persona ... i believe there should be a global Filter/Tone intensity slider implemented that will help to decrease the global strength of the filter/tone i select on a project without having to play with each stuffs in there. Just a global that will increase or decrease the intensity would be great. Blessings !
  20. Thank You Guys @Alfred @MEB for your kind and helpful answers to this. Then i believe Serif should really take it serious because the release of 1.7 will make noise and with noise comes problems. My side i'm happy but was thinking about peoples out there. Blessings !
  21. Hello Everyone ! Hello Team ! i'm maybe wrong asking this, if so, please forgive. Publisher is the master piece in my workflow and it does quite good vector operations but i've noticed i can't expand strokes. Okay, i maybe wrong here or asking too much but very soon the software will go public and there are peoples out there who will buy Publisher only expecting to do few with it and expand strokes is not something of too much luxury to add in there. As i said, i maybe wrong but Serif team should teach me on this if i'm wrong, but if it is something another user have noticed and would like to see, i would be glad know that person would use it. Blessings !
  22. Hello Everyone ! Back today with quick designs i've made for my YouTube channel. I got time since yesterday to put things together and upload some Fast track videos i've made. The first video you will find in the below link, hope you will drop some like and comments there too. i really enjoyed doing this again, from Video to Thumbnail Design and instagram post. Even though the actual rescale function into Affinity Publisher is still missing the liquid rescale that would allow us to rescale artboard/pages into different sizes without breaking everything but i enjoyed doing this composition. Like always, feel free to leave your comments and tell me how you would have done this. Your words help me improve better and find my way and my style in the midst of all this Superb Technics and skilled people i see on YouTube. Blessings to y'All and blessed week !
  23. Hello Team ! Hello Everyone ! Glad to make this suggestion for the good of Affinity and Designers or just Users who joined the move and those considering to join the move. My point is about not killing things that we already love but making them even better and i hope this won't become a troll. To my sight, the celebrissime Liquify Persona need to be reviewed and improved, boosted or upgraded (take it as you want). Actually, a persona is not just something we click at but it is an identity to a type of Designer/ Creative Person/People and it is time to make it reflect those of us who identify their style through that Persona. ___________________________________________ Having a Persona to only twirl, Freeze, push etc ... some couple of Pixel is good but ... there is more to it. I suggest the Liquify Persona to be upgraded and maybe renamed to fit with the real style it is supposed to reflect: Photo Manipulation or Photo Composition (here too call like you want). I suggest more tools to be put in there that will help make the Photo Composition/Manipulation happen from that precise place with dedicated tools and even it can be the opportunity to develop new tools that fit the Manipulation/Composition Style. i'm not asking for tool to be removed from the Pixel Persona, not at all but asking for the Pixel/Photo Persona to be less loaded from its first approach for sure a user could decide to customize his toolbox like we currently are allowed to do but if that user is a Photo Manipulator/Compositor then he should load everything he want (photos) using the Pixel/Photo Persona then switch to the dedicated Manipulation/Composition Persona and do his work from that place. The workflow could be like this: 1- Load an image (or many images) on the Pixel Persona then select the object we want to work with 2- click the Manipulation/Composition Persona then be presented with necessary tools for that precise job, from Selection brush, Flood Selection, to inPainting not forgetting all liquify tools but all those should now be in more advanced mode giving more flexibility and settings to fine tune the work. 3- Do the job and when done click on Apply to switch back to the Pixel/Photo Persona which is the central place and see the result. Then do the same again and again with all other layers who need to be transformed or manipulated 4- the upgrade should give the user the opportunity through a button (like the After/Before) to view full stack of layer in low opacity mode which can be increased or decreased (but the user should only be allowed to work on one layer at a time. 5- All Color Grading work can happen in the Develop Persona or in the Pixel/Photo Persona (here for those who need to control) 6- The Tone Mapping Persona wold be helpful for fine tuning the thing with rich presets, LUT or Manual stuffs. Well all this must be given the possibility to be non destructive, meaning i must be able to select a layer in my stack anytime, at any level of progress and switch back to the Manipulation Persona and redo this or fine tune more that etc... More focus in the Non Destructive aspect will actually increase the value of the software. I know the move you are taking with making Designer and Photo to be kind of sub or Persona for Publisher but still Photo should be improved on its own because Photo compositor/Manipulators won't buy Publisher just because it is not what they do but a more enriched Photo software ... Well Yes many would go for it no complex to what already exist. This topic is open to more adds that can help Devs to figure this out. Even if they don't implement it with 1.7 Beta cycle, it is something they may take serious and consider to fine tune and implement in coming version and we can help here. I'm only 1 Brain, yours are needed for more power, Step out of the Purist areas and come help build great with you original ideas. Hope i've posted in the right place and wish you all the best with improving Affinity. Blessings.
  24. Hello Team Well i have couples of suggestions for what i call "The Persona Improvements". Well it is nothing as serious as the title is but more like me looking into things with different sight. 1- The Tone Mapping persona is lacking of a Global Reset button or function that allows the user to reset anything done there without leaving the Persona, i ask this because the Tone Mapping Persona have default behavior of applying the latest used Preset and apply it to a newly loaded picture, so having a Reset Global button will help us have a picture that is not directly changed and for which we can start at fresh either it be for manual adjustment or preset application. - Please Fix/Implement- 2- The Tone Mapping Persona to me should be far more than what it is actually and it the right place for us to process and handle very helpful and serious stuffs like LUT (and even more) but in a more advanced way than what we can do with the LUT Adjustment layer, there also we should be able to import/export LUT with ease of use. 3- The different categories we see in the persona would be pleasant if you could make it Fold/unFold. actually when i click say Main" or "Exposure" it stays unFolded and the only way to Fold it is to uncheck it thus disabling the related settings, So please make it Foldable/un Foldable but please keep the enable/disable for who may want (it is also necessary) 4- The curve category should offer more settings than the Adjustment of the same name (this should be the case for the develop persona too) i mean you should put everything like the Eye dropper for Highlight-Mid Tone and Shadow allowing us to do more and very accurate color grading and color balance. 5- I suggest changes and works done in the Tone Mapping Persona to reflect on the pixel persona as Adjustment Layers for he who may want that config but also it will make the thing more "Non Destructive style of work" also we should be able after applying our selection using the Tone Map Persona to return there and work from where we left things and not start at fresh again superposing this and that thus making our design or work "too much" ! 6- Possible to speed up the load of One Map persona ? i think if you disable the Auto apply selected tone it will be much faster and leaving us full control of whatwe want to do in there. That was my 6 points for a Better Affinity! Blessings.
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