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  1. I think this has been asked for for quite some time. Hopefully this will happen, maybe in Affinity Photo 2.0 but before would be good.
  2. I was hoping that with the introduction of Affinity Photo 1.9.0 the restricted colour/rendering intent and print size/layout controls on Mac would be fixed. Unfortunately it seems not meaning that I cannot yet finally leave Adobe (all be it an old CS6 version). I suppose we'll just have to keep waiting.
  3. Thank you for this. I will continue with the standard sRGB or Adobe RGB profiles as they are workable.
  4. I have tried the default sRGB profile and while its is a little 'better' I'm still confused as to why Affinity Photo is 'more strict' with profiles than the other programmes in the Affinity suite as well as Photoshop (which has been the default image manipulation programme for well over 20 years and in professional use worldwide). If the .icc is damaged then this problem would surely show in other programmes and as shown it is set correctly in colour settings.
  5. Hi Dan, This is the Display Profile (image) Made in Palette Master Element for the Benq monitor with a Datacolor Spyder 4. As I said before it works perfectly in the other programmes as does the Adobe RGB version, just not Affinity Photo. I'll attach the actual profile .icc file as well. SW2700 1_D65_sRGB_L100_G22_Rel_2020-06-29T14.28.44Z.icc
  6. Good morning Dad, Thank you for the reply. I've uploaded the image as requested plus another image which shows the problem even more clearly. Also there is a screen grab of what I see with the second image open plus the Navigator view. (The Navigator view is correct for colour etc.) I hope this is helpful. If you need any more info just ask.
  7. This is a bit of a strange one. Affinity Photo (1.8.4 on Mac OS10.13.6 – High Sierra) has developed a problem of not seeming to honour embedded colour profiles when displaying the image. (Benq SW2700 Monitor, hardware calibrated and using the sRGB colourspace, although this problem is the same with Adobe RGB images in the Adobe colourspace) Images are shown dark – dark shadow areas blocking in – and oversaturated. This is most obvious with images that are rich and dense (I will attach some screen grabs that will show the problem) although it affects all images to a greater or lesser extent.
  8. Just to 'bump' this topic. I was hoping that the upgrade to version 1.8.2 might include these changes to the print dialogue on Mac OS, however it seems that we must wait a bit longer to finally be able to cut the cord to Adobe. A fully featured print control in Affinity Photo (similar in controls to Photoshop) will for me close out the move from Adobe completely.
  9. +1 Plus the ability to switch in and out of the 'Rubylith' overlay (as turning on or off the visibility of the quickmask channel in Photoshop).
  10. I note that this very subject was discussed during the Beta stage of AP back in April 2015. I do understand that this is probably quite complicated to create but to me it makes extremely capable software stumble slightly at the print hurdle. There are some work-arounds regarding sizing and placement on the page but I'm never absolutely sure what Rendering Intent etc is actually being used by the printer driver. (PS Serif, whatever you do, please never sell to Adobe!)
  11. Long time Photoshop user (since Photoshop 2.5) as part of being an art director/graphic designer and now just starting to get to grips with Affinity Photo. On the Mac it would be great to have a much more comprehensive Print dialogue in Affinity Photo. The ability to select scaling either by dimensions (metric and imperial) as well as percentage, positioning on the paper size (not just wherever the printer driver sticks the image), paper type and also selecting the printer profile and rendering intent, including turning Black Point compensation on or off without going into the Pref
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