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  1. phil_r

    Can't open PDF files

    Sorry Andrew I should have explained myself more clearly. I opened the .pdf in Apple's Preview program and exported as a .pdf with a different name from there. Preview obviously fixed up something in the file that people are also reporting Acrobat does. (I'm guessing)
  2. phil_r

    Can't open PDF files

    I tried opening the image in the latest release version of AP and nothing happened - no dialogue box, no progress - nothing. Just out of interest I opened the draw-2 document in Preview and exported it as .pdf and called it a different name (draw-3). That opened fine in Affinity. Just thinking - if this happens again Preview intermediate step may be the answer.
  3. phil_r

    Reopen Document(s) on Startup

    Hi Chris, 'Close windows when quitting an app' is disabled and the acid test is that Affinity Photo 1.6.7 behaves normally. If it's any help this behaviour has been with the last two betas (including this beta GM) Cheers Phil
  4. Minor niggle but a bug. The Reopen Document(s) on Startup doesn't work with the latest betas on Mac OS & 135. I tried various options such as selecting the function off and re-launching and then selecting the option on and re-launching Affinity.
  5. Thanks for that. Will do.
  6. I'm a bit confused Gabe. On Mac version 1.6.7 I can select a photo in Photos (jpeg), select 'Edit With' and select Affinity 1.6.7 as the editor. I applied a test Haze removal, saved the file and quit Affinity and the effect was visible in Apple Photos. Performing the same steps (same jpeg photo) but using Affinity Beta as the target from Apple Photos failed. There were no error messages but the file in Photos did not show any changes. In other words the roundtrip from Apple Photos works with Affinity 1.6.7 but not with the current beta. I have only tried simple brush edits and Linda's Haze Removal
  7. phil_r

    Roundtrip from Apple Photos failing

    Thanks very much for that Chris. Much appreciated.
  8. I am not able to get Beta to successfully roundtrip with Apple Photos. I can select 'edit with' in Photos and Affinity Beta opens. I make any changes and save the edit but the original in Photos does not change. It all works normally still with Affinity Photo 1.6.7 and I haven't noticed anyone else reporting so I am wondering if it is specific to my machine. I have reset all settings to default and tomorrow will install Affinity on a drive running the latest release version of Mac OS. This machine is running OS 10.14.4 Beta (18E194d) so that could be the cause but the fact that 1.6.7 still works makes me think it's not. Phil