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  1. TIFF is a RAW format. In fact most proprietary RAW formats are TIFF variations. My issue is that with Affinity and Capture One, when I do a round trip (Capture One -> Affinity -> Capture One) I have to use do a TIFF conversion. When I export the TIFF back to Capture One, even though I have enabled all of the EXIF information to be included, Affinity Photo is stripping the majority of the information out. Now in my case when I am using Affinity Photo to create a panorama, I start out in Affinity Photo. I create the panorama from DNG files as that is the RAW format I use with my current camera body. I do not do any other development of the combined images. I then have to export the panorama out as a TIFF in Affinity Photo (with all EXIF information explicitly included) in order to import the panorama into Capture One. On import into Capture One, the majority of EXIF information (Camera manufacture, Camera Model, GPS, Lens information, owner, copyright, etc.) has been stripped out. I have verified this by using ExifTool. If Affinity Photo can export using PSD and TIFF they should be able to export it as DNG. Or at least they should be able to support panorama output that has all the EXIF information available. I also have a copy of Lightroom v6.14 (perpetual license) that creates panoramas from my DNG files. The resulting file is a DNG with all EXIF information included. However, the ability to create panorama files using the techniques available in Affinity Photo is - shall we say - weak in Lightroom. I have no desire to go to Adobe's licensing scheme for Lightroom and I have not, nor will I every use Photoshop. I am using Affinity Photo for those rare occasions where Capture One is not able to do what I need.
  2. It would be real nice to have DNG format supported as an export option. Scenario: Shoot multiple images in camera native DNG format. Import multiple images into Affinity Photo and assemble panorama. (Think HDR also) Export completed panorama as DNG. Import completed panorama into another RAW processor (in my case Capture One Pro) for catalogue use and further development.

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