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  1. Yeah, definitely need to give us at least 2 decimal precision over single integer values like black point in RAW develop. Although I would prefer two decimal precision in any input that has an integer range of 0 - 100 !!!!
  2. It really bugs everyone who does raw editing. I know they've read some of Alan Cooper's work since they have major tasks named "personas" which is straight out of his material. Wonder why they didn't also pay attention to what he said about such message boxes insulting their users? A conundrum to be sure. LOL
  3. Perhaps I didn't make it clear. Just because I open a RAW file doesn't mean I will finish with the development. I normally shoot dozens of frames of a particular subject and get part way through creating a tone curve and want to abandon it for another angle. This dialog box gets in the way of my cognitive load which is focused on what my images are, not how to manage the software. Hope this clears up what I intended.
  4. I have been using Affinity Photo since mid 2017 and overall love the program but do have some issues with the UI, especially the RAW engine develop mode. Exposure has this nice slider with an edit box containing 2 digit precision which is extremely helpful. My complaint is that things like Blackpoint go black very fast in full 1% increments, so why don't we have the same 2 digit precision control for the other sliders too? Having retired from the programming profession after over 30 years, I know for a fact that although 0 to 100% may be the range, creating a double precision floating point variable to control it is not rocket science. I like very precise control in RAW development. At the moment (for 18 months now), I've been forced to export into TIFF and bring back in for any semblance of control over such rudimentary features. Please consider putting in those boxes and give your users the ability to precisely control these aspects of the RAW development process. It would surely shorten my workflow. Thanks for listening.
  5. I have been using affinity since mid 2017 and overall love the program but do have some issues with the UI (comes from being a programmer for over 30 years). After answering Yes to this dialog an uncountable number of times, please put in a way to make it go away. It was useful for about 3 times and since then a major annoyance. If your programming staff doubts my word, Alan Cooper (inventor of visual basic) has quite a lot to say about this subject in "About Face" (still available in the first edition from Amazon last time I checked). Modal dialogs like this for rank beginners are ineffective at best and very annoying to anybody with more than an hour's use of the RAW engine (which is quite good) Thanks for listening and hopefully this dialog can be given a check box to make it permanently disappear from my work flow. [/rant off]
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