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  1. released version can't read .aphoto file saved with, has the fileformat changed? The file is a focus stack of 41 jpgs. thx Rolf
  2. Same with affinity-photo- today... hangs with I'll retry after reboot... thx Rolf
  3. Hi there, I got the same problem... reset (<ctrl> while launching photo) won't work. import of attached file leads to crash (sent to serif) import of presets generated with the same version an another pc leads to a crash as well (dump is sent as well) any suggestions? RolfBe
  4. The about box displays now hope thats it thx Rolf
  5. cancel was not possible, force reboot, start installation again... Credentials required, entered... attached message box appears... Now I contune with "YES"
  6. Hi, there is no affinity process, and it is still in the "removing files" state. around 30% processmonitor shows that msiexec does a lot with "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo\PhotoHelp\Contents\Resources???"
  7. Hi, I'd started the update from the previous ( version 10 minutes ago... The "removing files" progressbar displays around 15%. Seems to be very slow... I'll leave the PC unattended, but maybe hibernation has to be disabled Rolf
  8. rolfbe

    Call for Camera Images

    Upload Pentax K3 PEF RAW File
  9. rolfbe

    Call for Camera Images

    I've added a Pentax K1 DNG...
  10. rolfbe

    affinity photo ignores power broadcasts

    thx Alfred, I'll think about that and I'll have a look at the source code of Insomnia...
  11. rolfbe

    affinity photo ignores power broadcasts

    HI, so I have to write an exe that will do this (SetThreadExecutionState) to keep the (slow) affinity stacking process alive? you quoted msdn help for SetThreadExecutionState, but https://msdn.microsoft.com/de-de/library/windows/desktop/aa373233(v=vs.85).aspx refers nothing special for any kind of app. BTW: I like affinty very much, but if you stack 30 36Mpx RAW files it will last a certain time
  12. Hi, Windows went to hibernation mode while affinity is calculating a large focus stack. I think windows should be kept alive by application while calculating something. thx Rolf