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  1. I just have to switch to the latest version then! I'll download straight away and give it a try! Thank you very much! (by the way, I really appreciate the work you and all the developers are doing...keep it up!)
  2. Hi Dan C ! Thanks for the reply! I uploaded to the dropbox link three raw images and a jpg obtained following a HDR with automatic process. I'm using APh ver. 1.8.5, and as you can verify I use a nikon D750, and the final JPG image is at 96 DPI
  3. Hello, is it normal that I have a small resolution from high quality files?...I try to explain myself with practical examples... If I open 3 RAW files (for example with different exposure of the same subject) first in Develop Persona, after in Photo Persona and copy/paste them in the same document, to blend them and create a manual HDR, the final file has a resolution of 300 dpi, while if I create a file from New HDR Merge with the same RAW files, the final result it has a resolution of 96 dpi The same also if I stack the RAW files to align them or whatever: manually the final f
  4. Hello, in the new version, the focus stacking does not work properly, indeed it does not work at all! I load the photos as usual, the software performs its calculations, and then returns what you can see in the screenshot: I don't have the final photo, and even one of the source photos is not working. The problem always exists, initially I tried with 8 photos and the software didn't work, I was thinking about a hardware issue so I tried with only 3 photos, but the result doesn't change! Please resolve as soon as possible! Thank you!
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