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  1. This definitely works, thank you. I have done little looking into the differences between the newly instantiated folders and the prior ones, but there are some differences here and there. Maybe there is a mistake in the update process to update a settings xml files I can see. Hopefully an update fixes this issue, as it is a bit annoying how it clears out a lot in this process. UPDATE: Only works temporarily. Begins lagging again not too long after, despite so few (literally not even 5 text boxes on screen)
  2. I am often finding that when I am writing up my documents, I am in need of inserting from the text menu, most often things like column and frame breaks, and then losing my place once I add it (I can be quiet blind -_-). However, there is plenty of room with right clicking to hold the one extra right click option that is the same as "text->insert", and it would probably be useful for many others to making their work easier.
  3. I tried PDF, but as you can see on yours- it is a complete mess and way worse on mine than you see on yours- including gradients being off and such so. I need a way to get an exact conversion, without having to modify gradients and things becoming different.
  4. That is neat and all- but it is missing everything else still from the file including 2 lines of text and gradients. Not only that, but I still need that mask for the mountains. I attached the inkscape view of the normal svg.
  5. I have an old logo that i finally found, that was originally made in Inkscape. I need it to be imported into Affinity Designer, but every .svg type I save from Inkscape provides with just the mountain inside the letters being there- not any letters. I have tried online converters- but they have proven nothing useful (svg->ai) I supplied the inkscape svg's in the attachments. Help would really be appreciated. NWHVAC_Logo_inkscapeSVG.svg NWHVAC_Logo_plainSVG.svg
  6. A very useful feature I would like in Affinity Photo and Designers is some sort of template/export pack, one that can be shared around without being a file that can be accidentally overwritten when you finish and edit a project in it. Portions that would be in it, would be things like different exports preset (size/area), document settings (ppi, size, transparent/color background... all those settings you see when starting a new project in the pop up box). This would be a very useful thing for game developers (making spritesheets in multiple sizes and sections), mobile app develop
  7. I have a photo taken outside that the top-left area (and some middle) contain an ugly and darkening yellow-orange light while the top right half has a natural sky-blue light. How can I fix the yellow light to look more natural or more like white LEDs? I tried the recolor tool on Desktop, but it just does not seam to work right (In the first place, the recolor tool on Desktop is missing tolerance). Then I thought I could separate the yellow spectrum of the photo, didn't work well and the mask/map I could not figure out how to use it (It has been ages since i've used a photo editor).
  8. like @Alfred said, this question was about what is the list of differences- not just are they different. I know there were differences to begin with alone just from the photoshop plugin support.
  9. What are the differences between the iPad and Desktop version of Affinity photo? I have the iPad one, but it was only $20 while the desktop version is $50. I feel like I could use the desktop for its more powerhouse ability for some things, but am not sure if there are any differences that make the desktop version is more worth it.
  10. Is that something that can be automated with export persona? So that I just press "export slices" and all the badges will be created with the one click? I have been searching around for a way to simply make a slice ignore a layer or make a slice from a group of layers- however, it has only come to making selected layers into individual slices.
  11. I made up these badges, where the only difference between them is some color changes, some text changes, and some text that appears or doesn’t. They are currently in separate files for each specific badge (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) with 1 layer containing text that i manually turn off/on to export. How can I handle these better? I would love if there was a way that I could make a single change that modifies them all instead of going manually through each one and making a change- such as adding a new shape or adjusting an outline thickness.
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