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  1. I'd rather not leave that debris layer in my files, as I export them to many different formats and distribute them on a regular basis. I accept that as a workaround. I judge that the friendliest thing for the user is to let them choose, or use something that is more universal, like the black and white pattern would be.
  2. I appreciate the response, d. I certainly don't want to have to add a layer every time I want to work on the file. That is a waste of time. The issue is that the gray and white checkerboard that shows as "transparent" is too light to work well with white lettering that shows up frequently in my projects. If it was black and white it might be okay, but the light gray and white very specifically doesn't work well in my situation. My request is to allow the user to specify what the "transparent" background looks like. Much like other apps let you choose a color for the background or masking that works for the specific project. Or perhaps change it to black and white, which would likely be good in more situations. Examples of how the issue presents itself attached.
  3. I have some files that have white text on a transparent background. With the default pattern for transparent backgrounds I cannot see the white text when working unless I change to outline mode. Please allow changing the default background color so to allow for more conveniently work with this type of file.