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  1. Any chance you can make them available as a free download Yum!
  2. Gradient_Phil


    I'm interested in this as well. My new camera doesn't have a panaramic mode, so I did a quick test by taking 3x images and got the same result. Got 3x ticked images but the stitch panarama button wouldn't do anything. Will be watching this thread with interest.
  3. Close! I'm in NZ. Unit coming from US Amazon. Usually takes at least two to three weeks. Let us know how you go with it. Cheers.
  4. Quick update: I purhcased these brushes ( Xenon Brush Pack", "Concept Master Vol 1 - Nature Pack" and "180 Smoke and Cloud brushes." ) and have been playing around with them for a couple of hours. There are some really great brushes within these packs and I think I'll get a lot of use from them. A special mention goes to the Frankentoon brushes (Concept Master Vol 1 - Nature Pack) which are very cool (going to use these a lot), but they come with a colour brush guide AND user guide (tips and tricks) in pdf format. Also included was a colour palette (.afpalette), which made colouring choices so much easier. How to use the brushes from a non-pro perspective is certainly icing on the cake. Thanks for the extra effort here.
  5. I bit the bullet as well and brought one last night. Will probably take several weeks to arrive though .
  6. Great...I'm real tempted to get one from Amazon myself - especially as there is a 20% coupon currently.
  7. I just found this drawing tablet as well "HUION H610PRO V2" which appears to have a tilt function as well. This seems like a reasonable tablet for the money and it seems that several people here use one with AP / AD.
  8. Well that's a shame. Apple products are way too expensive here in NZ, so I guess it won't be happening. Pity there isn't an alternative. Thanks for the input.
  9. Hi Wosven, Thanks for the insight on these brushes. I've never brought any before - wanted some advice as there are heaps of free ones available online, but I like the look of the ones I mentioned. And...there is the feeling I'm supporting Serif in the process. Guess I just need to get them and take them for a spin. Much appreciated. Regards
  10. Nope...don't know anything about brushes...how they are made...or really how they work. I just saw that guy using the ipad pencil and how he used wrist movements to control the brush and how it laid it down on the screen. Also he tipped the pencil over and that changed the colour. Way cool I thought. SO...are these wacom tablet thingees with a pen simliar to the way the ipad pencil works? Is there any recommendation on what model(s) to look at? Appreciate the input. Thanks
  11. Just watched a video of a guy using the luminance Brush set while using an Ipad and a Ipad Pencil. (very cool). Is there an equivilent that can be used on a windows desktop (some type of wacom like tablet or something?). While I'm just a hobbyist and no expert, some things are really tough to achieve with a mouse. And...I don't want the expense or locked down nature of an Apple product.
  12. Looking to get some brushes during the BF sale at the Affinity Store. I'm not a professional and only try to do things with AP, AD as a hobbyist...and I know nothing about brushes. I have downloaded many free brushes from the net, but have yet to install many of them into the programs because of the brush reset bug. I was playing around with some brushes today and I noticed some of them are really blurry at what I guess could be considered high-res (A4 size). Is this normal?? I saw another post where a person brought some brushes from the Affinity store and found the same thing. Do the brushes have to be high-res? How does one know what res they are?? I only create using high-res and only want quality brushes - especially if I purchase them. I am looking at the following brushes... "Xenon Brush Pack", "Concept Master Vol 1 - Nature Pack" and "180 Smoke and Cloud brushes." Can someone with these brushes give me some feedback on them...and if possible the above questions so I can an least have some understanding. Much appreciated
  13. @R C-R Thanks for the link...and the comments. I think I'll need the camera to fully (maybe paritally ) understand this. This camera seems a massive step up compared to the S50. (Still...15 years is a long time for advancement). I have a lot to learn (been enjoying AP heaps) - especially after using PhotoDraw V2 for 17 years.