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  1. Thanks for this. As I stated above, the AM was unchecked and this resolved the issue (except for the other question I had concerning the expanding of the layer). Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Dan....whatever this means. Looks like I've got even more stuff to suss. Please be gentle. I've come from using MS Photodraw (V2) for the last 17 years - did everything I wanted. Got a lot of new stuff to learn - made more difficult by the fact I"m not a professional at this - just long-toothed and trying to keep the old brain active Just gave this a go with an imported image - rasterised it from the right click menu and the mask button hasn't changed - still puts the mask above the layer - selected or not! Edit: Carl123's suggestion sorted it out. Seems the assistant manager was un-checked and once I checked it, everything was back to working as it was. Question: Now that its working again, when I add a mask to the layer, it expands the layer to show the mask underneath it. In both tutorials I watched this never happened and the layer stayed collapsed (perhaps they were using an older version of the software). Is this the expected action?? Edit: Okay...found my own answer..."show selection in layers panel" was checked in preferences under "User Interface" Now it operates as per the videos I saw. Thanks for the help. Now I'm off to learn about the masking/clipping thingee
  3. Hey Dan C Thanks for the input. Here is a vid. Puts it above the layer stack everytime, or above the selected layer...never on the layer like your does. I'll check out that other post. Capture_20180921200109.mp4
  4. Greetings, Been doing a lot of tutorials using AP. I noted that one tutorial showed the presenter clicking the mask button at the bottom of the layer panel and the mask appearing on the selected layer (beside the square layer icon). There was also an expand arrow that appeared on the selected layer. I thought this much be a MAC feature as the tuturial was using the MAC version, but now I just watched a Windows AP tutorial and the presenter does the same thing and the mask appears on the selected layer. SO it's not OS specific. However, on my machine (Win 10) using when I click the mask button, it puts the mask layer eithe at the top of the layer stack, or if a layer is selected then it puts it directly above that layer. I have to manually move it everytime? My question is why doesn't mine work like the video??? (I have tried the modifier keys without success.) Also, what is the difference between moving the mask so there is a long blue horizontal highlight underneath layer, and moving the mask so that there is a small blue vertical highlight beside the square layer image. (One nests the masks under the selected layer, the other puts it beside the square if the layer is collapsed.) Thanks for the help.