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  1. I think this has been asked before. AFAIK - Serif doesn't currently have any plans for a digital version.
  2. Interesting comment. I started learning Blender because someone on my scale modelling forum is using it for scale modelling projects and 3D printing - and its free. So, are you saying (IYO) MoI3D is better to learn for 3D printing (something I'm trying to get into but I want to learn to model first), or stick with Blender. I find both MoI and Rhino easier to use than Blender - struggling with the everything is a flat line / panel thingee. That is, start making a round item with a cube. Seems wierd to me (counter-intuitive) - but I have more time in both Moi and Rhino (but currently own neither). I'm a long time user of TurboCAD (2D only). While I've done some 3D modelling in it (and 3D learning), I wasn't sold on its coolness for that. I plan in the long term to take some paid courses for that as well. Miss the CAD type tools in Blender (especially some of the awesome snaps). I still draw a lot of make stuff in CAD - export to svg and import into Designer. I find that easier than using Designer's tools. Could be though that my 15+years in TurboCAD helps with me being comfortable with the tool set. I have done several precision tutorials in Blender, so I know it can be done (with effort). Apologies to the other posters here as I realise this is somewhat off topic.
  3. @chippwalters - Thanks for the video. Something else to add to my to-do list - make material tiles! Glad Kit Ops is going well for you. I've had a play with the free version. Scared me on how awesome it was . I'll be along soon to get a copy. Two weeks ago I finished Zacharias Reinhardt's (CG Boost Academy) Blender 2.8 Launchpad online beginner course (First online course ever). It was excellent. I learned a lot of the basics. Trying to follow up that learning with more difficult stuff on the actual 3d modelling side - so I'm looking for my next course (most are still for 2.79). Want to get into some Moi sometime too. I've been using the Affinity Apss for a couple of years. I think they're great - but always so much to learn. Looking forward to more tutorials.
  4. @chippwalters Hey Chipp - nice to see you over here (assuming you are the CW I've seen on other forums) Been meaning to catch up with you over KO. How is that going?? - Well I hope. Hope you find the Affinity products (remember they are only Version 1 at this point) as cool as we do. While they do take some effort - I think they are worth it. Catch ya on the flipside!
  5. Gradient_Phil

    Workbook Core skills

    Have you downloaded the assets as directed in the book?
  6. Gradient_Phil

    How to create this effect?

    That is quite a neat effect the top image - especially the hands coming out of the images. I'll have to have a play with this technique at some point.
  7. Gradient_Phil

    Reset Brush

    Good to know. I'll have a play with this to figure it out. To much to learn ...and so little time!
  8. Gradient_Phil

    Reset Brush

    So a afbrush file is Affinity's version of the brush?? I guess these are created when you install new brushes (for each brush??) This could be a good alternative - but ultimately, it would be nice if Affinity could reset ALL brushes to default that match what they were when installed. I have been caught numerous times and the originals setting have been lost. I'm still really a noob with all this stuff.
  9. Gradient_Phil

    Reset Brush

    Yeah...I think it sets the brushes back to factory - all installed brushes other than the default Affinity are lost. This is a major limitation. I would like to see the option to reset brushes back to factory - including all installed brushes. I thought this might have been resolved in 1.7, but obviously it's not seen as an issue. Massive task to write down all the brush settings when they're first installed.
  10. I'd love to help as well if I could. I also have the Huion 610 Pro v2 model but I don't really know how to drive it. (hell I don't even know where the steering wheel is yet!) I can also attest to the fact that Huion has a good support service. I'm currently having issues with my system that is caused by the Huion driver - we are still trying to get to the bottom if it.
  11. Gradient_Phil

    Batch files renameing

    For Windows also...I'll give a nod toward "Advanced Renamer" - comes in a portable version (so doesn't need to be installed) Using the replace function is quite easy (online tutorials / examples) and there is an undo feature if you screw it up. One thing I like about it - you can save the renaming function to use again.
  12. Another possibility is too customise the toolbar (there are not many icons) using "View" "Customise Toolbar" I'm also a big keyboard cmd fan
  13. Gradient_Phil

    'Replace missing fonts' not working

    Am also having a similar problem where the Font Manager will NOT let me change to font to one of my choosing - sometimes when it has the font it says I don't. The FM will let you select a different font, but reverts back after several seconds. Very strange.