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  1. It appears this never made it into the final release of 2.1. Next to the font collections, I see there is simply a link indicating that these need to be manually installed from the website.
  2. Can you explain this in more detail please. I still had to run 3 separate MSIX installers to install all 3 applications. And each time a new version comes out, I have to let each of the 3 apps update themselves individually. What am I missing? What installer/auto-updater can I run that takes care of all 3 concurrently?
  3. I've claimed the new Creative Collection content bundle for those who owned V1 and then purchased the upgrade from V1 to V2 Universal. I see that this has added the following 4 content packs to my Affinity account: Splat! Illustration Kit for Affinity by Frankentoon Publication Typefaces Collection Salt & Pepper LUT Pack Futuro Line Icons by Anatolii Babii When I open the Affinity apps and then go into Help -> My Account, I can find everything except for 'Publication Typefaces Collection'. Is that expected? Where can I find 'Publication Typefaces Collection' (apart from downloading it manually)?
  4. I'm also disappointed that Affinity chose to go with MSIX app packages rather than regular EXE installers. For all the reasons already outlined by others in this thread. This bad decision by Affinity is the main reason I'm reluctant to go ahead with a purchase of V2 of the suite.
  5. Take the latest releases on iPad for example: Affinity Designer: Version shown on the splash screen: nothing Version shown in Account: 1.9.1 Version shown in Settings: 1.9.7 Affinity Photo: Version shown on the splash screen: 1.9.1 Version shown in Account: 1.9.1 Version shown in Settings: Why is there no consistency in the way that version numbers are displayed, between Designer and Photo? And no consistency with Designer itself, between it's Account screen and Settings screen? Even if there is some reason known internally to Serif, it makes no sense to users.
  6. The GTX 960 is Maxwell 2nd generation, though, so shouldn't it be supported? I've just found this other post of yours which says Maxwell 2nd Generation is supported: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/126698-windows-hardware-acceleration-requirements/
  7. Does this mean the enabling by default is restricted to new cards only, or that the feature overall can only be turned on with newer cards? I have a GTX 960 (as well as a GTX 660 in an even older system) and was hoping to be able to turn on hardware acceleration. I also have a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 520. Am I SOL?
  8. Still hoping that somebody from the Affinity Team will respond to the issue, described in the initial post.
  9. As far as I can tell, the only set of assets included in the Assets Panel in Affinity Designer is for iOS 12. Nothing for any other iOS version, nothing for Android / Material Design, nothing for Windows GUI, etc. This is quite surprising and also quite disappointing. I see there's a free tool called Figma (which I haven't used), which supposedly has lots of assets for designing and prototyping various modern Operating System UIs. Presumably it is therefore easier to do UI design for software applications on iOS/Android/Windows/Mac with something like Figma than it is with Affinity Designer, even though Figma is free?
  10. Yes, GarryP, I agree that the text in the Help is probably a mistake. Nobody from Serif has responded to my comment in this thread about the Help file to confirm, though. I think it's also very valid what I said about the other recent replies missing the point. Reading your reply, I see that the second half of it took a downturn and that you went into some kind of defensive mode, which is also a bit strange though. Did you perhaps notice somebody getting angry in this thread? Perhaps you noticed somebody crying about human rights? Some of us are simply curious about certain functionality and wish to ask a question of the developers. That can sometimes be difficult when fellow users jump in and try to deflect the conversation for some reason. Just a bit funny reading comments such as yours where people come out of nowhere to defend a commercial company they have nothing to do with, as if they've taken some kind of personal offense, especially when nobody even said anything controversial. I see that kind of behaviour quite often in online forums. I guess it takes all kinds, as they say. No need to reply -- I'm not going to get into an argument with you. I just wanted you to know that I found your comments strange.
  11. These latest couple of replies seem to be from people entirely missing the point. The 'New Features' section in the Help seems to indicate that it has now been implemented in v1.8, but as the text is obviously placeholder text that wasn't correctly/fully updated when v1.8 final was released, it's not clear exactly what the situation actually is. Was anything actually implemented, is the text in the Help simply entirely incorrect, was it actually originally intended for 1.8, what is happening now, etc.
  12. I notice that in the Help file for version 1.8, in the 'New features in this version', it says: ▪ GPU acceleration (optimised for ???).
  13. How come Designer and Photo are on version 1.8.1 Beta and Publisher is on version 1.8.2 Beta? Are the next releases not going to have synchronised version numbers?
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