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  1. You know what, I just tried it and the modifier keys (shift, command, etc) work!!!! CRAZY!!! This just made things a lot more faster to work with!!! Not sure how many more of the shortcuts are left to bring over, but this is definitely a really big step in the right direction!! thanks for listening to the feedback!!
  2. Nice!! Will we also be able to use modifier keys? For instance, on desktop you can hold shift or alt before drawing a shape to activate certain constraints, is going to be available with this update? Additionally, when can we expect to see all of the desktop keyboard shortcuts/modifiers ported to the iPad. It’s something that woudl definitely improve the overall experience especially now that we have the ability to use a mouse in IpadOS. thanks.
  3. HDoowop

    Where is shortcut modifiers

    To clarify, does this mean that all of the desktop shortcuts have now been imported to the iPad version ? I took a look at the listed shortcuts list in the app and it seems like it’s pretty similar to what was there before the update. Thanks
  4. @Madame @gdenby @Wosven Thank you to all of you guys for taking the time to reply. I was able to follow your steps and achieve what I wanted. @gdenby I definitely get what your saying about not following Illustratior tutorials because of the different features and naming conventions. I guess I’m just trying to take the approach of challenging myself to get to know Designer so well that I am able to look at pretty much whatever and reproduce it. You guys made it look really easy lol. I definitely need to mess around with the break, join, and close curve options some more to understand them better. Thanks again.
  5. HDoowop

    Adjust stroke size

    If you mean you’d like to make the stroke weight thicker or thinner then: 1. Select the object 2. On the right side under the colour picker you’ll see a stroke symbol with a stroke number underneath it; click on that 3. A window should slide open containing a slider for the stroke width. You can either slide it to the right to adjust or tap it and enter a number. Hope that’s what you were looking for.
  6. Hey Guys, I’m still new to graphic design, I know this is probably a simple question but I can’t seem to figure out how to replicate this. I was watching the Aaron Draplin video below. Around the 9:30 mark he uses circles to make water waves. I tried to figure it out but I can’t seem to figure out how to replicate what he is doing. The closest I can get is align a bunch of circles with no stroke and combine the circles. Next, I put a rectangle over top and then subtract from the circles. What am I missing? I’m using designer on IPad. Thanks.
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    Thanks Gabe.
  8. HDoowop


    Hey Gabe, Are you able to at least confirm that its in the plans? Thanks
  9. HDoowop


    Hey Gabe, Would you be able to advise if there are plans to bring all of the desktop keyboard shortcuts to the iPad anytime soon? Will version 1.7 have this? As it stands right now, selecting nodes and objects is very finicky and at times pretty frustrating. Allowing keyboard shortcuts would really speed up the process and make the entire experience of using the app a lot more enjoyable. Even if the accuracy is improved, its just nice to have the option of using the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks.
  10. It would be really helpful if we can use desktop keyboard shortcuts using a Bluetooth keyboard. Do you know if there are any plans for this in a future update ?
  11. I agree, it needs to be improved upon. The only way to deal with it so far is to remember to zoom in before trying to move the node.
  12. HDoowop

    One of my first works (isometry)

    I am really new to this as well but I agree with what Garry P said. It’s a good attempt Also, thanks for the tutorial link Simon Degay.
  13. I have a Bluetooth keyboard that I use with my IPad and it would be really cool if I could use the regular keyboard shortcuts from desktop on my iPad. Especially considering that there are still a lot of issues with the selection accuracy. Some shortcuts do work, but not all of them. Any chances of making this happen? I think this would really make sense especially if ios13 ends up bringing the iPad closer to a desktop. At that point, creating an option to make designer on iPad look like the desktop app would be cool too. Thanks
  14. HDoowop

    Snapping has timed out

    Ok thanks, Ill see if its improved in the update.