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  1. tsinghuazhu


    im sure affinity definite will update for ipad os but also definite not now for sure ,there are too many unpredictable changes for ipad os which still in beta test. the update would come only after the ipad os official release in September.
  2. tsinghuazhu

    Where is shortcut modifiers

    it should work with all keyboards that you can type successfully in ipad .im using a third party Bluetooth keyboard ,very cheap ,and it works perfect , responds to all available keyboard shortcuts
  3. tsinghuazhu

    Where is shortcut modifiers

    Thank you .i thought i can edit them. sad story .
  4. i updated tp lastest version in appstore and find something amazing called " Shortcut modifiers added when keyboard is attached".But i can't find where this option is.i have keyboard connected to my ipad. 0_0
  5. tsinghuazhu

    Questions about Transform and selection

    Thank you so much ,SOLVED!!! I've never thought this tool is in filters! Thank you! LOL
  6. tsinghuazhu

    Questions about Transform and selection

    Thank you so much for detailed video recording.Learn alot from it! THX! but Question1 is still not solve. I can draw a shape and change it.But seems not work for such as imported picture. T_T.
  7. tsinghuazhu

    Questions about Transform and selection

    Thank you for reply! your solution solved my Q2 prefectly! Now i know how to do that! 0w0 But for Q1 i still feeling confused, If i draw shape , i can convert to shape to curves and moving the different nodes perfectly. But if it is not a shape, it is an imported picture or something, how can i do that? i see the Convert to Cuives order in menu,but it seems not working with imported pics.
  8. Questions about Transform and selection Hi im new to Affinity Photo iPad version,and i love this app so much.Affinity Photo has everything i want same as PC version! but i can not find ways to solve these two problems.this 2 problems really slow my work.... 1 is how can i free transform a layer shape to any shape i want ,i mean i just want to move one point (of four) drag to different shapes. 2 is how can i re select a selection in a fast way, i mean re select the selection. not from history or redo, image the edit history is already lost, you can not re-select by tap the Re-Select in menu. i can do this in Affinity Photo PC version in a fast way by Ctrl+Shift+O , but how to in iPad version? Thanks so much!

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