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  1. I struggled with this in AP, too, and found the easiest way (by far) was to use IrfanView Create Panorama where you can easily place any number of images beside each other by answering one simple question: vertical or horizontal placement.
  2. Multiple files is not really the issue; large multi-MB input files is the issue. AP is the only Photo app I use (out of 6+) that doesn't status-bar on file load. In fact, I can't really think of another app that doesn't. Is this a difficult feature to implement? I would assume not since every other app does it handily. (yes, I have even done it myself).
  3. Pretty please...could the devs implement a file-open status bar (like the file-close) like pretty much every other app on the planet? When exporting large DNG's from other apps into AP one is left wondering if anything is going on. Thanks!
  4. The above makes a box around the entire image. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the OP (and myself) were looking to stroke/outline the selection eg an ellipsis or rectange...ie when you are drawing a regular oval around something to draw attention to it. This is rather straight-forward in PS/PSE.
  5. It would be great if Photo could allow for a configurable filename suffix for the Save-As dialog. This helps out with editing work-flow without tedious manual updates on every save. Example attached.
  6. I would just add that I use 3-4 other editors and they all have a progress indicator. Even the most simplistic (PhotoLemur) has this.
  7. Why isn't there one? (besides the txt in the upper right) When loading a large file (eg large Raw), it's a bit odd to have no status bar or spinning cursor or anything....?
  8. As there are many "Layer/New From..." commands it seems odd to me that there isn't a "Layer/New From Selection", but as I said I have solution. Thanks for the tip on the clip-board.
  9. Actually, after fiddling with it for over an hour it does not seem to work like you outline (on Windows at least). With the one Background pixel layer...and a marching ants selection...selecting "New Layer" gives me a blank Pixel layer. What I have to do to get the desired selection into the layer is either: a) copy/paste as Gnobelix suggests (oddly, with an extra layer which can be deleted) or b) Duplicate the layer (ie the Background Pixel layer with selection) which brings in the masked selection into the new layer Either (a) or (b) method can be passed to the external plug-in (the desired end result); (b) is the least clicks. Not sure why Layer/New doesn't do the same thing as (b)...it doesn't really seem intuitive, but at least I know how to get where I need even if it's not really clear why it works that way. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. I suspect there is a video on this somewhere, but I haven't been able to locate one; or a Question topic, but hard to filter out. I use external (Topaz) plug-ins; the plug-ins work as expected if sending the entire pixel image. However, what I am attempting to do is create a Quick Mask and then edit only the selection with the external plug-in. eg Pass the selected sky to DeNoise I have tried using a duplicated Background layer (with Quick Mask) without success (get the entire image), but I must be missing a step along the way. I am probably not doing the Mask/Selection correctly. Can anyone point me to a tutorial video? Thanks.
  11. During Nov/Dec I was doing Trials with a number of Photo pkgs and it's possible I did install a trial and then un-installed...I can't recall for sure. In any event, I went ahead and and purchased last evening...so barring unforeseen circumstances it's now a moot point. As far as the config...HW or Software?
  12. I am having the same issue...immediately expired. Win-10 64-bit. Any ideas? Thanks.