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  1. Any news if Affinity Photo will have .dcp (custom camera profile) support?
  2. Any news on this topic? This is a deal breaker for me if I cannot use Color Checker Passport with Affinity Photo - I mean come on, why are we stuck with using Photoshop, it's 2018! Please Affinity... free us from the bondage.
  3. I agree. I'm struggling with brush work also. To me it seems that the size circle that shows the brush size seems to change depending upon whether you have the stylus button on/off. I'm expecting the circle brush size preview to show the size consitently (maximum brush size if stylus is turned on). But if I have the stylus button toggled to "on" and then change the brush size, the size circle appears to be bigger than what it showed with the stylus toggle turned off. Maybe I'm just weird in what I expect to happen.
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