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  1. Hi Stokerg, As I mentioned in the videos... the invalid product key dialog does not come up anymore... the program refuses to launch. Before it would launch into the program and then error dialog would come up within AD itself. To be clear, this was a program specific dialog box and not a windows error dialog ... also the Crash Report directory is empty Regi E.
  2. Hey Stokeg, I have recorded a video showing you the following; Video One Video Two Let me know if you need anymore information
  3. Stokerg, Thanks for looking into the issue; if you cant reproduce it, I would not worry about it for now as I may be an edge case when it comes to this. I have solved the issue for now and am running the latest for both programs. Unfortunately I need to get a project out before I can go about doing the what you asked, but when I get to it, I will make sure I have a detail process so that you can re-create the issue. As far as the same "parent" directory issue, its something I never heard of before; technically would not this not be an issue unless you put the program on different drives? i.e. Affinity for Programs. I have attached the screenshot of my current locations
  4. Walt, I can guarantee you that they are installed in the provided default locations; "C:\Program Files\Affinity\{Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo}". I was not stating that Designer is the cause of the current issue of the problems I am having, I was just following a possible line of thinking presented by stokerg. However, if the product can not function when installed in the same family parent folder in this case "Affinity" then that is a bug. This also doesn't address the issue of being able to re-enter a product key without having to reinstall the software; I know I am beating a dead horse here, but when a challenge for product key should be given to the user so that they may correct the issue on their in. I understand maybe this may have been done to help with piracy of the product. But neither the current implementation or the one I have mentioned, with "curb" that situation. This is really my biggest frustration with the project and not that it wants a valid product key.
  5. Stokerg, - Yes, this happens with every update My account information can be found under my company email of [EDIT] mail removed for privacy reasons [/EDIT]; I also do own designer and I am installing it via the default suggested locations for both applications. This seems to only happen with photo and it is always before an update. To be clear, there will be a new version of both Designer and Photo on your site; Designer normally notifies you and lets you know that you can download a new update. I have yet to see that happen for me with Photo. After installing the Designer update, I can no longer open Photo without getting the message. So I think you have partially answered my question on the issue. However, not being able to to re-enter your product key in a provided dialog box is not very user friendly.
  6. Hi, Wanted to see if anyone has a better way of getting around this issue or if this is fixed in the version forward of 1.6.4. Seems that every time a update is available for Affinity Photo I am given a dialog box on startup with the message of "Invalid Product Key" with the only option of closing the application. The only work-around I have found that work is a full uninstall of the application so that I can re-enter the product email and serial number. The second option being to update the program itself if the version number is higher then on the one currently on installed. This is more then a hindrance for someone like me who make need to get work done or does not always have the ability to access the internet to download the latest and greatest. Also, I should be able to enter in the valid product number of a older version of the software and not be re-enter my product key to be verified to use the software I have purchased is a huge bug in my opinion. The copy I own is from the Affinity store, so this is not a app store or Windows issue, but seems to be constant during version updates. So is there a fix for this? Will this be the same M.O going forward with all Affinity products? Any sort of answer or direction would be helpful, as searching this forum didnt turn up anything for me Specs: Affinity Photo Windows 10 (1803) to be clear this has happened on different versions
  7. Arthur, I have stop using Photo on my mobile studio pro; As you say, everything else I use work just fine... I have even edited and color corrected 4k video in Resolve while on vacation. No one seems to know what the problem is or at this point really care, those that have the resources to fix it. I have stop using it on my MSP and moved back to Lightroom... At least on that machine.
  8. Right click on Affinity Photo/Designer the program icon; if in the context menu select the Quadro as the GPU or you can do it from the context menu properties panel. This seems to be a conflict with the application trying to use the intel GPU and it being underpowered. This is not a guaranteed fix due to the system not respecting the setting when you are on battery power... It has fixed it for me in most cases and I don't see it anymore. Last place you can try, is to go in the Nvidia control panel and set the the application options from there.
  9. Currently Motion Graphics and 3D Animation
  10. Thanks v_kyr; I will do some more testing to see what the issue maybe;
  11. Hello, Name is Regi; Former software developer now doing Photography and Animation and Design. Long time Photoshop with some UI and App development in Sketch. Since switching away from the Apple eco-system earlier this year I have been using more of Affinity Software for my client work. Looking forward to learning more from everyone on the forum ...
  12. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone else has experience any issue with Affinity Photo and on Wacom Mobile Studio Pro? I am running the top spec model and seem to be getting a flicking black screen when doing simple tasks such as mask selection and painting. I know that most will say that this has to be a hardware issues given Wacom recent track records and the mountains of complains. However, after some heavy testing and benchmarking, I can not recreate this issue in any other program including all of Adobe's product line. To be clear, the screen does not become unresponsive; it simply turns off and then back on... for example if am painting a section masks and the screen flickers during the stroke, the stroke will be completed properly. Seems that there maybe an issue with how AP/AD is talking to the the GPU; I know that in Substance Painter I had to make and adjustment in regedit to prevent GPU hangs on Nvidia cards. List of Programs I tested with no issues: All done with same 2 million polygon model ZBrush - Polypaint,BPR,Sculpting, General 3DCoat - PBR Rendering, Sculpting Blender - Sculpting, Viewport Rendering, Cycles Render Photoshop - 8 Example from the Affinity Photo Workbook Core Skills sections Substance Painter - Rendering, PBR Maramoset Toolbag3 - Rendering Unity Adam Demo Fire strike Benchmark Unigine Haven There are more...but nothing in the above list had any issue running large or even the same files Any advice would be helpful because at the moment, Affinity Photo is useless to me on this machine. Thanks
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