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  1. Yes, we really need multiple column palette options that dock together. I am lost without this option. I agree with Michail and the screenshot he shared.
  2. I agree! Perhaps it would be good to have a "maintain aspect ratio" checkbox (sticky) for scaling anything. I LOVE the fact that I don't have to hold shift to maintain proportions for some items! I wish it pertained to all objects. For me, it's only the 'curves' objects that I have to hold down shift to maintain proportions. I'm tired of holding down the shift key since the 1980s to keep things in proportion. I almost NEVER want to scale things disproportionately...thank you Affinity for seeing that this needed to change!
  3. Is there a way to preview changes being made to a paragraph style while editing? I don't see a "preview" check box, so if there isn't a way to do this yet, it is a very important feature. But what a great first version! I will be so excited to switch all my work over to Affinity!!
  4. Ah, you are so right! Yes, this works. I should have looked a little longer before posting...so thank you!
  5. shemphill

    Soft Returns

    I'm on a Mac, and shift+return is working as a soft return for me.
  6. shemphill

    Rename Master Page?

    Yes, a "g" gets cut off when editing the name of the master page. But it shows the entire letter once I finish editing the name.
  7. shemphill

    Soft Returns

    James, soft return or shift+return is working as expected for me. I'm using the beta Affinity Publisher. Just thought you'd want to know...
  8. I really appreciate the no fill/no stroke shortcut "/". I also would like the solid and gradient fill/stroke shortcut that Illustrator has, the "," and the "." keys. I use those constantly in Illustrator and was excited when I hit the "/" in Designer and it changed my fill to none. But I was disappointed when the "," didn't give me a solid fill and the "." didn't give me a gradient fill. I hope there's a possibility of getting those shortcuts in the future. Thank you for a terrific product!!