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  1. Chris, I can confirmed that works like a charm! Mahalo my dude.
  2. My Affinity Photo v 1.7.2 crash/won't lunch on Mac OS 10.13.6. Icon bounces then stop, app does not open. FYI: Designer launch ok. Is there a rollback to previous working version until a fix is issue? I'd also tried reinstalling - same issue. Affinity Photo [5503].rtf
  3. When applying a master template to a page the effect from master does not refresh on the applied page. To get it to show the master effect correctly on the applied page you need to double click another page then double click back to the applied page. Hope this is helpful to the dev team and hope it will be fixed in the next release.
  4. I have a new document with a single page (front cover) followed by two page spreads (facing) and end with a single page (back cover). How do I create a front and back cover with a perfect bound spine and get rid of the single pages? Similar to creating an inside spread except its for the cover. Missing feature or is it normally like this? I know the width of the spine. So my work around is to double the single page width and add the width of the spine in the Spread Setup. Is this the right way to do it for printing? UPDATED Sept 17, 2018: My understanding now is to create two files. One for the cover and one for inside spreads. The cover will consist of a singular page but custom formatted to include spine width. The right side of the page will be the front cover and the left side of the page will be the back cover. As for the inside spreads, the first single page is considered as page 1 on the right side when it is opened. For a magazine the inside of the front cover and the right side is sometime consider as a spread or page 1 and 2. Printninja consider the first page is the right side when you open the cover but that's for book printing.
  5. I'd set the spread setup in the master to 1.5" for the inner than add page or apply master to page and it changes to 1.25" for the inner margin. Shouldn't it carry the Master 1.5" to the Page?
  6. NOTE: With the Beta 1 release ( File and new screenshots. FYI: The screenshot filename was changed otherwise it's the same file as the screenshot. FYI#2: This issue carry over to Beta2 ( when opening the original file created in Beta1. Thanks guys! ApubBETA1 w guide alignment issue.afpub
  7. I'd attached two example screenshots. Are you not able to view the screenshots?
  8. There seem to be a big performance hit when text wrap (tight, both sides) is applied to grouped vector graphics. Spinning ball everything halt for about 5-6 seconds.
  9. text pasted twice. I should note the pasted text is longer than the first text frame and the text frame is linked to two other text frames.
  10. Latest build release seem to double the text pasted in a text frame. Anyone else having the same issue?
  11. Don't know if this is the right answer for you but you can try this work around. In the "Slave" page where you want to make an item unique find "(Standard)" layer from the Layer Tab. Expand it to see the item you want to make unique to that page. CMD + J on the item and drag it out of the "(Standard)" group. Now this item is "de-sync" from the "Master" and is essentially unique. Then mask the linked "Master" item outside of the "(Standard)" group. I hope this work around helps. Best
  12. LOL! I'd been trying that this whole time and after reading your post it just works! Thank you for your magic post.
  13. Is there anyway to rename master pages? UPDATE: Thank you everyone for help! What I found out is that fast double clicking on the name doesn't work. You must have a slight delay to your click or wait until there is a blue highlight from the first click then click again and you will be able to edit the name.
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