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  1. Yes, we really need multiple column palette options that dock together. I am lost without this option. I agree with Michail and the screenshot he shared.
  2. shemphill

    Proportional Resizing Object

    I agree! Perhaps it would be good to have a "maintain aspect ratio" checkbox (sticky) for scaling anything. I LOVE the fact that I don't have to hold shift to maintain proportions for some items! I wish it pertained to all objects. For me, it's only the 'curves' objects that I have to hold down shift to maintain proportions. I'm tired of holding down the shift key since the 1980s to keep things in proportion. I almost NEVER want to scale things disproportionately...thank you Affinity for seeing that this needed to change!
  3. shemphill

    Preview while editing paragraph styles

    Ah, you are so right! Yes, this works. I should have looked a little longer before posting...so thank you!
  4. shemphill

    Soft Returns

    I'm on a Mac, and shift+return is working as a soft return for me.
  5. Is there a way to preview changes being made to a paragraph style while editing? I don't see a "preview" check box, so if there isn't a way to do this yet, it is a very important feature. But what a great first version! I will be so excited to switch all my work over to Affinity!!
  6. shemphill

    Rename Master Page?

    Yes, a "g" gets cut off when editing the name of the master page. But it shows the entire letter once I finish editing the name.
  7. shemphill

    Soft Returns

    James, soft return or shift+return is working as expected for me. I'm using the beta Affinity Publisher. Just thought you'd want to know...