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  1. Thanks so much, it was actually substituting an Arial BoldMT font for some reason. Even though in AD I just selected Arial Bold as normal. Deleted old font and now all working correctly. Thanks so much
  2. Hi, Really weird problem, when I have "Arial Bold" text in an Affinity Designer document and I export to PDF the text in the resulting PDF document is all changed to random characters. I have 3 copies of AD on 3 Windows 10 PC's and the same problem happens on 2 but works fine on the other. I tried installing the Arial fonts from the computer that works to 1 of the computers that fails but that didn't help. See sample AD and output pdf attached. Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Ray untitled.afdesign untitled.pdf
  3. Hi, Am I missing something or is there no way to setup the UI to display toolbar options for the options in the file menu (like New, Open, Save, Print, Export). This seems like a pretty standard UI feature for most apps. Thanks, Ray
  4. Hi, In the dark UI Style of Affinity Designer (Windows) the colour of the tab of the active document isn't easy to determine. The colours of the active and non active windows are too close in shade and if there are only 2 doucments open it isn't obvious which is the active document. Do others have similar confusion? Thanks, Ray
  5. We are using Affinity Designer as a replacement for PagePlus (which is working pretty well) - so the limit of printing 99 copies is frustrating here as well.
  6. Hi, Long time PagePlus user (since version 4) - and have been very happy (there still is the odd bug though!) We currently use PagePlus extensively to do print layout. I purchased Affinity Designer a few weeks ago (as PagePlus will eventually be discontinued) and started changing all of templates / processes to use this new software. Everything is going fine (except maybe importing PDF's as curves). I just saw mention of Affinity Publisher - how will Affinity Publisher differ from Affinity Designer? Is it best to wait until Publisher is released as I assume Affinity Publisher will be the replacement for PagePlus? Or, if I continue with my efforts to change everything to Affinity Designer - will Affinity Publisher be able to open Affinity Designer files? Thanks for any insight. Ray
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