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  1. Hello, is it possible to work with pixel layers in float values instead of bytes for HDR pixel manipulation in Affinity Photo? I want to create a bloom effect and then tonemap it later using ACES tonemapping (in Affinity, if it's possible there? If not, I can do it programatically, I guess). However, doing the bloom obviously blows the values over 1.0 (255), which pretty much makes the last step impossible. Also, can you convert the opened photo to linear color space, so that my additions of colors work predictably? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Hello, TGA support is really a must for anyone working with computer graphics/video games/VFX industry. Could you please reconsider adding it?
  3. Hello, I thought the licenses between normally downloadable application and store application are not transferable; or are the betas excluded from this? I've also read in the other forum posts that version 2.0 will be a paid upgrade. Will we need to buy completly different Affinity Photo app from the store once 2.0 is released?
  4. Thanks for the responses! Regarding the betas, do I download the betas directly from the forum, or are they on the store?
  5. Hello, I have few questions about buying Affinity Photo on the Microsoft Store. The current deal and automatic updates out of the box are nice, but I don't have a strong trust towards the MS Store and whether it will last or not. 1. Is it possible to use the beta versions posted on the forum if I buy the app through MS Store? 2. Is the MS Store update for the application available right at the moment when the release gets released elsewhere? Or is there some delay? 3. What if MS Store would be discontinued; is there some contigency plan with Affinity, that they would try to transfer our licenses to the version they provide? King regards PK
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