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  1. I agree Cecil I like the book format but updates, help, and ease of use would greatly improve with an e-version. The revenue issue is a fair one, but I think technology exists to manage that.
  2. Hi Patrick C- I am successful with 1280x1280 she and using 'Choose Files' vs 'drag and Drop'. Not sure whether Dag and Drop will work with new size. Thanks for your follow-up-.
  3. Learn something every day... screen shots do not carry date, or deliver in order selected...hope you can sort it out
  4. OK Reset per instructions...noticed brushes and Refine specs where left as previously set in book? Cutout Screen Shot 19.19- Created Mask from Refine dialog. To rasterize, I moved mask to under background and selected both layers. Smudge Screen Shot 5.41- Followed instructions... OK? Disintegrate Screen Shot 2.36 Steps1 thru 5-. Mask layer created (from layers panel)but no layer selected automatically. Had to select both layers before Edit>Fill worked.(There is no 'Apply' button as Book indicated.) Worked correctly Screen Shot 9.04 ScreenShot 1.49 Step 6- White Swatch Selected, Paint Brush selected.... doesn't work?
  5. I will reset to factory defaults and see what results. Thanks for your response
  6. I have two layers as you say. I created the Smudge Layer by selecting the background and Mask layer then Rasterizing and naming it Smudge.Duplicated and named new layer (second layer in stack) and named it Disintegrate and deselected it. Created mask under Smudge and smudged successfully.Did Edit>fill as directed. Made Disintegrate visible and created mask. Painted in white successfully. When I go back to Smudge Layer to paint back smudge...nothing happens. Will reset app to defaults and try again. Thanks for your continued interest.
  7. Found I had to select Background and Mask to Rasterze to single layer. Same result when try to Paint back smudge however...nothing happens. Try screen shot again. If it works 2-11-8:47 is 1280x1280 and 'Choose from files' vs drag and drop.
  8. Thanks Stokerg for your response. I will try to send the re-sized Screen shots as you suggest. Size restriction must be new with upgrade. Didn't have this problem before. I do have additional layers... don't know what I am missing in narrative.... Changed screen shots to 1920x1920px. Still failed. Checked screen shot function on other site and worked fine. Screen Shot 05:44- When I do Smudge, I have three layers in panel... Smudge, Disintegrate (unchecked) and the Mask Layer (rasterized) is the third layer and is unchecked. It is the top Layer. When I do Layers>Rasterize in previous step nothing visible happens? Screen Shot 14:47- Mask is still unchecked and is top Layer. Disintegrate and its Mask are visible as well as Smudge and its layer. Disintegrate Mask Layer is chosen layer. Screen Shot 17:59- Mask is still unchecked on top of Layers. Disintegrate and its Mask are visible as well as Smudge and its layer. Smudge Mask Layer is chosen layer. Hope this helps...
  9. Hi Sean P, Thanks for your reply. I surmised the additions were options... but when things fail...I look for the 'outliers'. Thanks again
  10. Hi Patrick Conner: Rebuilt Screen Shot 'plist' per Apple instructions. Screen Shot working fine on other sources... didn't help here.
  11. Stuck on project... what am I doing wrong? Smudge page 396- See Screen Shot 2:05:44: Smudging works fine if Mask Layer (Rasterized) is invisible. Note background is shown in image although Book shows image as Cutout with White Matte? If Mask Layer is made visible, smudging only covers body...not the desired effect. Continuing to the Disintegrate Effect page 398- see Screen Shot 4:47: Step 5 appears OK, but cannot paint back in Step 6. See Screen Shot 17:59. P.S. Should this topic be in the Tutorials Forum instead of here? P.P.S Screen Shot uploads not working since Forum Upgrade. If anyone can offer help from my narrative... much appreciated!
  12. <split by mod from this generic thread> Hi Patrick C- Just want to comment on the 2% 'tweak'. As a newbe using the Book to learn the AP app, the 2% is a problem. If you are trying to problem-solve an issue while working a project it comes down to guess work... is it me or a change in product behavior? I spent hours and extensive conversations before it was explained that the Text Layer cannot be chosen when Placing the Texture.jpg on the layer e.g. Search The Woods (Adding Texture)exercise. Other examples of confusion include- Layer>Duplicate vs Layer>Duplicate Selection and Edit>Fill vs Edit>Fill with Primary Color as directed in the Puregold exercise. An experienced user may know intuitively if these choices are decisive in the behavior of the Workbook narrative. A new user can only guess. This being said, I am deeply impressed with the AP product and the Workbook content. I have learned a lot a have gained a great appreciation for the product and the skills required to to be an accomplished user. Thanks-
  13. Unclear to me when to make these choices and the consequences... following AP Workbook and not sure when to choose new (different) choices. Help doco insufficient on this...for me 1. Duplicate vs Duplicate Selection? 2. Merge and Merge Visible... does this create a new (pixel) layer? It merges all (pixel) layers that are visible (checked) including mask layers...right? 3. Rasterize Mask... does this remain a (Mask) layer? Layers Panel leaves it as a Mask Layer? How do you know it is rasterized later if not marked somehow? 4. Edit>Fill vs Edit with Fill Primary Color. Workbook says use Edit>Fill then Click Primary Color and Apply. Why not choose Fill with Primary Color on Menu screen? Thanks for your patient help... just a newbee trying to find his way.
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