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  1. I need to create banners for a web site and I am following the specification which is 160 x 600 @72dpi. My understanding is this is the pixel size (160 pixels x 600 pixels) so that must mean the specification for dpi is irrelevant? Nonetheless I attach the PNG I created using these dimensions by exporting from Designer and I'm concerned it seems blurred. Do you think this will look fine on a computer screen? Any assistance appreciated because I think I'm overthinking this.
  2. It seems people are being unreasonable. I asked a question which I have the answer to. Affinity cannot export word files. I don’t need to be lectured that I don’t plan my work properly.
  3. It looks like you need a proof reader. 😀 I raised the original question and I specifically needed to export to Word and I never managed to do that. Editing in pdf is not effective for me. What I needed was not just a proof read but advice of laying the page out and as they don’t have Affinity they wanted to show me in Word. But that was a while ago. Thank you @ubercool I agree with your comments.
  4. @HANDJOJO if that happens it will be a really neat, if not essential, feature. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know when 1.9 is scheduled for release? I agree it would be more valuable in Designer. Thanks.
  5. @h_dthanks. @Callum thanks too. I tried it again and it’s working now. The slice export wasn’t the right size yesterday. Weird but I’m so relieved it works. Phew that saves me a ton of work. @h_d yes, I’m printing playing cards and they want png or jpg format. I think bigger manufacturers want pdf as you suggest. By the way, is there a way to set the color of the bleed area? Mine comes out white which isn’t what I want.
  6. I have 24 artboards of 2.5" x 3.5" (playing card size). When I use 'Export Persona' and create slices they print as PNG images at 2.5" x 3.5", which is good. Now I want to send them to a printer and I want to add 0.125" bleed around the entire perimeter. I added this bleed in Document Setup under the File tab in Designer. Under Export Persona for the PNG settings I have clicked the box 'include bleed'. When I export the slice the image is still 2.5" x 3.5" but I was hoping it would add an area for bleed making the image 2.75" x 3.75". What am I doing wrong? Many thanks for your help.
  7. Yes, it’s because I wanted to print multiple art boards to one sheet, and export prints each artboard on a single sheet. Nonetheless, I found a work around by temporarily rasterizing my art boards before printing.
  8. Neither Publisher nor Photo will print my work as a pdf using ‘Microsoft to PDF’ driver. The blue line stops at about 60% and stays there forever. The only way out is to cancel the print. I’ve never had this problem before. I’ve tried rebooting the computer too. I’ve spent hours trying to print some important files for a deadline and nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas please? Many thanks!
  9. To be fair I was just asking a question to try to avoid all the additional work.
  10. Thanks for the comments. I note Microsoft Publisher can export to Word, but I guess that makes sense. I have a complex document of images and text created in Affinity Publisher and need to send for a professional proof read. The suggestions here are all I could think of too but effectively undoes the work I have done in AP.
  11. I need some work proof reading but they don't have Publisher and pdf does not make editing easy for them. Can text be exported into Word or other text editor?
  12. I opened the file I had difficulty with and it opened fine with the update, so thank you.
  13. I opened the file I had difficulty with and it opened fine with the update, so thank you.
  14. I’d have to check. I’ve changed the way I work to avoid the problem because it is more productive for me to avoid the problem than keep repeating it. The issue occurred when I dragged images into a sub layer of the frame in the layer panel. I avoided the issue by cutting and pasting the image into the sub layer of the frame in the layer panel.
  15. I saved a 200Mb file yesterday and when I try to open it Publisher closes without warning. I have tried the following 1. Opening the file from 'Open...' It crashes with no recovery file. 2. Opening file from 'Open recent...' It crashes with no recovery file. 3. Rebooting my PC. Nothing changed. 4. Reloading 1.8 and running repair... it still crashes with no recovery file. 5. Checking my autosave directories (both are empty despite file recovery being set to 300 seconds) The only thing that works (I've discovered) is if I open an older unrelated file and then open the file I'm trying to open... it opens!!! I saved it under a different file name but have exactly the same issues with the different file name. Is this a known bug?
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