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  1. @Sean P Designer just crashed without warning again. 30 November 2019 at 7.00am EST. I will try the high performance option above (thank you for the suggestion).
  2. That's pretty cool but I just want to curve the line like an arc. It looks like you know how to do it though!
  3. I have a rectangular image that I want to curve. I have worked out that 'convert to curves' only works on images. But when I convert the image to curves I can only curve the edges of the image and not the whole image. Particularly I want to make this straight line curved (as attached). Is there a way to do this?
  4. @Sean P At 6:25am EST Saturday 9 Nov 2019 my file shut down again. The file closed without warning and the screen reverted to my desktop. There was a back up representing my work about 5 minutes earlier. When I first opened Designer it asked me if I wanted to assist development and report crashes to Serif, so I said yes. The crash appeared to occur when I was scrolling between art boards.
  5. Hi @Sean P I split my large file into smaller files and things were working OK, but today a small file shut down on me after a single edit and a short scroll. Hence I followed your instructions today and will let you know what happens. I am just letting you know that the clock starts today. Regards
  6. @Sean P Thank you for that guidance. I attach the crash reports for October 3, 8 and 9. There is no report for today despite three crashes. It doesn't seem like crash reports are being generated for every crash. I could privately send the file with your assurance it will not be disclosed or used or copied. Is Windows Clipboard History in Designer under Preferences because I can't find it? crashreports.zip
  7. @Sean P I can’t send the file because it is contains confidential work and it is 154Mb. I also cannot find the location on my computer with the crash files your reference. I am looking under C:/Program Files/Affinity/Affinity Designer/ but after that I just get language directories. I am working with 48 small 2.5” x 3.5” art boards to create playing cards. Although crashes may occur while cutting/ copying and pasting between art boards it often crashes when I’m zooming or scrolling. In fact it also crashes while I’m opening the file. i would like to send you the crash reports if I could find them.
  8. Thanks @AlainP (is that Alain Prost???). As you will see from this thread I’ve been having this problem much longer than the release of said Windows 10 update, but I appreciate the comment. i think the problem relates to having too many art boards in my file. I have tried splitting my file up, which is a pain because it reduces my efficiency, but seems to be working at the moment.
  9. Damn and again... I won't even open fully now, which would be a disaster.
  10. This is still happening. Instant close of file without warning. I am using Designer and Windows 10. Three crashes in 2 hours. Today it even closed while it was opening and before I even touched my mouse. This is getting very concerning.
  11. @mac_heibuYou have to make assumptions when designing something. But if you disagree with my observations I’ll delete it. I thought I was being helpful.
  12. @mac_heibuRegarding ‘annotation’ I will edit my original post as that is a fair cop. But regarding the rest, I have been unsuccessful in getting printers to provide a color profile so I’ve had to research a workable solution.
  13. Yes I have, but the purpose of my post is which color profiles to use when soft proofing for final printing production. If you blindly go to a professional printer and print hundreds of (say) business cards or flyers you might be surprised at the color output. Of course, calibrating the display is important, but that’s a whole different discussion. The difficulty I was having was how to select the correct color profile for printing, and I believe the above post addresses that... at least to my own satisfaction.
  14. My conclusion is to use the CGATS (ANSI or SWOP) color profiles when soft proofing CMYK for printing in the USA, FOGRA for the rest of the World, except Japan, when you should use ISO TC130.

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