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  1. @Toltec that's sad. I mean, bulleted or numbered lists are a basic text editing feature.
  2. @v_kyr that post refers to indenting the text in a bulleted list I am not sure how to create the bulleted or numbered list. More specifically the numbered list, such that the numbers automatically update depending on no of items in the list. Like in regular word processing app.
  3. Hi Edit > Paste Style works when one needs to copy all the properties from another object. However, If one needs to copy a specific property, say for eg. one or more specific properties (fill color, border line style, and/or line thickness, but not the border color), this does not work. I do know that we have a color picker in AD. But it picks the screen color (that is combination of all the colors below the picker) whereas a user might want to pick up a specific color or a non-color property such as border color, thickness or style from another object. That would be a great time saver, especially when applied for multiple objects. for eg. 1. Select source object 2. Choose Edit > Copy 3. Select one or more target objects 4. Choose Edit > Paste Specific Style from Menu or Icon. 5. A UI control displays all properties 6. All properties are selected by default 7. Optionally, Unselect properties that are not needed 8. Click on the Apply button 9. Multiple target objects acquire the selected properties from the source object Happy User
  4. There are different use cases where a border may or may not be required. I am a UX Designer and use Affinity Designer to design wireframes. One scenario is where I use nested Artboard. for eg. A mobile device size Artboard and a Tablet device size Artboard is laid out within a larger page Artboard. It is important to be able to differentiate between the three Artboards visually. So an Artboard border definitely helps here. This should be a customizable option. Rather than making it a preference setting, one should be able to change the border colour of the Artboard similar to other objects. This way those who don't need a border can set it to none and people who need it can set a color or line properties to the Artboard border. Thx for creating such an awesome software.
  5. Does Affinity Designer have an option to added bulleted / numbered lists within Frame text. I am not able to find it. Am I missing something very obvious here I use AD for Mac for designing wireframes and adding annotations is a part of the same. Thx

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