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  1. I tried change embedded image on each bottle, to different images. But when I changed ANY embedded image, then changed on all.
  2. Thanks @walt.farrell, I found this option! Great! In older versions I see all pages in one area, but this great solution! And have a problem with rotated pages. I opened a publisher file in Photo where first page is landscape, and second page rotated And here is same file in Publisher:
  3. This joke, and horrible. I cannot work on bleed area with Photo Persona or Affinity Photo tools... I can't believe it... I cannot modify mask with Paint Brush Tool on bleed area without image moving!!! No Paint Brush Tool in Publisher and Designer Persona, and under Photo Persona no bleed... Arrrrrrgggghhhhh...... 😡😡😡
  4. Dear developers, When open a Publisher file in Photo persona or Affinity Photo bleed is missing! I didn't see it! This feature was worked in 1.7.3 version, and very important for me to publishing! Many times need patching bleed area for press publishing. And in Affinity Photo missing pages, I see current pages only! Please fix these! (Or get a trick, how can I use Inpaint tool on bleed without rasterization? I made a bookmark, and on bleed have a few item, but I cannot use Inpaint tool on bleed, because didn't see it... If use Inpaint tool, photo will rasterized AND CROPPED...) Update: here is temporary solution for bleed inpainting: Place image and set size Switch to Photo Persona Rasterize image (no trim!) Place image to spread visible area Inpainting Switch to Publisher Persona Place image back to bleed
  5. "PSD smart object support" - THIS is what I waited for mockups! Love it, unbelievable! I tested on many mockups, and almost best! Just need a little fix (see in bugs section), but perfect for me! Many, many thanks, and I will use often this feature in future! Second favorites is new document dialog with templates, and I love lens correction templates too. Great version, and nice works! Many thanks for all developers and supporters!
  6. I love this version! Preflight and new document panel with templates, smart Master pages... Fantastic! I will try IDML import later, but I see this was big work. Many thanks for 1.8 version! Great works!
  7. Hello, I love new mockup import feature, I waited from years ago! Fantastic! I found a little bug: if PSD have more than one embed image object, then all embed image replaced when I change an embed image. Just try it: open a PSD mockup what include more than one embed image change an embed image see change ALL embed images. Please fix this, and this feature will perfect! Here is an example mockup, and try change embed images per bottle (link will live to sunday): https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284gqxqeZr5Cp8DErPdcg?e=9D4AKw
  8. Thanks, I used this, but I hope will a hidden trick, how can find or replace to special characters (like much Unicode characters too, what I cannot type from keyboard).
  9. Hello, How can I use special characters in Find and Replace window what no include list? I need find <THSP> (thin space) characters, but no options in field for this. I wrote <THSP> to find field, but nothing happened. Have any trick for find these special characters? And maybe use this trick for replace too? (Like example: '- and space' replace to '- and <THSP>')
  10. THIS IS GREAT!!! I love it! Many thanks for this layout, and much better than older window for me.
  11. Yes, I tested now with Aurora HDR 2018, Luminar 2018 and v3. Perfect working! But latest versions maybe not: And check this post too:
  12. Yes, I said, I make it with Artistic text, but I would like in textbox like as relative font feature, there change box width, then sizes and spaces, line heights and etc. will change too when I type it. As new feature will faster text creation. But if not, not, just I has an idea.
  13. Yes, @walt.farrell said correct suggestion: I need same width, but different font size, align to width. I made a few pictures, where I use this method. Here is my examples, and see left four lines (or book cover too): same font, and same width, but font size is different. I made this with Article text, no textbox. I think this will simpliest if I can use textbox width and height feature. I use latest (1.7.3) releases versions from Affinity programs.
  14. Dear developers, Can you add a font feature to Affinity programs: relative font size to textbox width? I have a textbox with three lines, but justify all is not enough me, I need resize all fonts for textbox width. If I use artistic text, then I can use snaping when resize texts, but need same space between lines, and more, and I groupped these texts. If you can add this relative size to textbox, then can resize textbox too and text will smaller or bigger. Like a snap to textbox. What you think?
  15. @Greyfox I will see Denoise AI, very interesting for my problem, and thanks for video too! @carl123 Great thanks for macro, I saved it for future! Fantastic and working great! I updated my project with carl123 script, and see different denoise modes.
  16. @Greyfox Thanks for help and information! Live denoise filter was worked better as developer persona version and destructive version. Try with Live denoise filter, and see difference. I attached image: on left side see destructive denoise, and right side see Live denoise. I use this filter as beauty effect (like in phones). Project updated on link with live filter. But this filter was the best in 1.6.x versions, what include Extreme option for strong denoise what I need for big noised images. Live filter duplicates use many CPU resources...
  17. Hmmm.. I tried now with destructive denoise and under developer mode. Nothing changed. What I made: - open a picture - duplicate this. Active layer on top. - I used Filter -> Noise -> Denoise. Nothing changed. Go to Develop persona, and turn on Denoise, change anything -> nothing happened. Please fix this! Here is my test picture: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284go5PfDgYQGrXgKFjJw?e=ph1VSe
  18. Yes, I see Live Denoise filter have huge different under 1.6.7 and 1.7.x versions. Older was better with Extreme option, new version is light for me. Please give back older version too to Live filters, I used often. New denoise is useless for me. I hope in 1.8 versions will add this.
  19. I tested this problem in beta version , and I see this fixed. Many thanks for great work, and quick fix!
  20. Fantastic list, and improvements! Many and great thanks for all! I will testing in next days.
  21. @Dave Harris Great thanks for many tests, and your promise, I waiting this bug fixed version in 1.8!
  22. @Dave Harris Here is a sample from this project and I use Prevent orphaned last lines, because need this option for book wrapping (Keep together option not): https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284gf5_rpJNw9hOBR8VPg?e=SMWYDR You need install hungarian hyphenation too before open sample project, package include this. And in this topic talk with this bug (or feature), where you find source word file too:
  23. Yes, zone is huge, because developers said: set this parameter to big size, if I need no hyphenation at last line at end of column. I suggested to developers, need an option: no wrap for last word of column, but said this trick. But paragraph dropped...
  24. For the main issue: see line numbers on odd page, there is four lines yet, dropped paragraph is three lines... Why not leave on page? What I tried from your tips: text frame site change is not solved, because if change text before, then text will move Prevent windowed last line option disable not option for me, because this is a wrapper rule for books, this option use turn on like Prevent orphaned first line too walt.farell: This hidden text is next paragraph first line. If I delete this, I deleted your quoted text too. MikeW: I set Hyphenation zone to 10mm, because I get many hyphenation. If I change this to 0, this not solved my problem. I attached part of original text in docx, what I imported to Publisher. HL-test.docx In original layout drop this paragraph to new page, but there is ok, because Word leave two lines bottom of first page, no four as Publisher. But line-height is same... Here is screenshot, because auto-hyphenation is on under Word, use hungarian dictionaries too.
  25. @jmwellborn Sorry, no helped, here is results, and first line indent was lost too.
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