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  1. Congrats! I don't think you all get the credit you deserve for what you create. But well, now, I guess you do! I don't own an iPad, but if I did. It would be a no brainer to purchase the App.
  2. rndoutput

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    @codelearner To me, expertise comes from gaining knowledge and practice. The way this book is designed, you get both. Early chapters teach specifically about the app. Later chapters teach you expert image processing skills and the app at the same time. So you can use these skills right away. I'm at page 314 (Search The Woods) and I feel very comfortable and confident with Affinity Photo now. So much so, that I opted to process and print some holiday photos I took for a family friend in Affinity - instead of PS -- this weekend. The results were great and I enjoyed the process.
  3. rndoutput

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I got my book earlier this week. Like the Designer book this is an excellent value. Not just in physical quality, but in content too. Here's why. First, you learn the basics of the app and where things are. Next, you start on projects that teach you new things and often build on skills you learned in a previous one. This progression causes you to build knowledge and confidence at the same time. I've had more than a few "Aha!" moments. Not just about the app, but about the techniques they are teaching. I've also found inspiration and plan to try some new things. Brief project overviews are provided too. So you know what gear was used, what the photographer was thinking and planning etc. So it's more than turn page... click here ... do this... TADA! Full disclosure before I hit submit. Affinity Photo had been collecting dust on my HDD for a while. I bought it thinking, like Designer, it would be a great creative alternative to Adobe. But I quickly got frustrated with the UI. I was hopeful this book would change that and so far it has. And... I'm only half-way through it. Let the good times and learning continue.

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