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  1. Hello, When I use this function and chose a preset… …the name of the preset disappears the moment I click on a color. I have the latest version and I'm running Catalina. Have a good day.
  2. I guess so, but not sure how to do it. Do I need a special software? Can you give me some instructions how to proceed? Thanks.
  3. Ah, this was an idea, but, unfortunately, the basic also here: local. What may be at play also (maybe): the hardware. Just in case, I have a MacBook Air 13-inch, Early 2014.
  4. The latest. Mojave 10.14.5 I just tried it again. I open a very ordinary jpg image in Photo, and then try to open it in either Preview or GC and I get the aforementioned messages. Since, nobody else seems to be reporting this bug, heaven knows in what tiny corner this gremlin resides. It's not hampering me, and the rest of the new Photo is pleasant enough to forget it. Thanks for taking the time.
  5. Exactly, but sometimes no either, just the fact of opening in AP may block any other program. However, more important is why now (since the update) and not before? This is why I had posted that on the Bug forum, but to no avail unfortunately. Thanks for taking the time.
  6. Hello, I asked this question on the ‘Report a Bug’ forum on June 19. Had 41 views but no answer. Any guess here ? As the title goes, since 1.7.0, I cannot open in an other program (either GraphicConverter or Preview) an image I’m already working on on AP. (No problem before.) If I do, I will receive these messages saying that it cannot be done: As you can see also, the 'Preview' message includes an 'External Update Error'. I should have reported that earlier, it could have been included in 1.7.1 It's not that big an issue, but any suggestion is welcome.
  7. Hello, So as the title goes, since 1.7.0, I cannot open the same image at the same time eihter in GraphicConverter or Preview. If I do, I will receive these messages saying that it cannot be done: As you can see also, the 'Preview' message includes an 'External Update Error'. I should have reported that earlier, it could have been included in 1.7.1 Any help is welcome if anything is possible meanwhile. Thank you.
  8. OK, but I do want to report a gratefull acknowledgment of fixing the one about the general performance. Most appreciated.
  9. Exactly, I tought also at the beginning that it was not working, and I lamented personnaly the loss of Extreme, but learning to work with it, I achieved better results than with the previous version.
  10. Thanks for the update, but what is this bad bad bad new icon you have created?
  11. Wow, you're good. I tip my hat. Because of you I'm even going to impress my correspondent at GC who was at a loss. Have a very pleasant day.
  12. Yes, me too, over twenty also. But just to make sure, I just did the Pram reset and it continues. If I leave the trash bin open, I can even see it in real time, the second the image is pasted, the file appears. I am on Mojave, but it started with the previous system. Still, somehow it could still be related to GraphicConverter because it started after one of their updates and this is why I asked them first. Nevertheless, since they never heard of that either, they suggested I inquire here also. Since I don't have any other graphic software I can't try another pasting even though it does not ha
  13. Each time I copy-paste a file from Affinity Photo to GraphicConverter for instance, I end up with a file named "Clipboard 1.pdf" in my trash can. It shows the image I was working on. Any idea why and possibly a way to stop this behavior? Did not find anything in the preferences. Thank You.
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