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  1. This is such a backward upgrade - the extreme was the very tool that worked on some of my very old photos.
  2. KevinPhoto

    Denoise on V1.7.0?

    Please reintroduce the extreme option in the next version
  3. KevinPhoto

    Denoise Filter

    Same here - its a major major failure with this version. Is it possible to reinstall the older version?
  4. KevinPhoto

    Denoise on V1.7.0?

    Its a serious backward step - that denoise was one of the reasons i favoured Affinity over Photoshop. Oh well back to PS.
  5. KevinPhoto

    Denoise Filter Doesn't work

    What a disappointment - I used "the extreme" settings all the time (old photo negatives scanned) destructively and non destructively. I have reinstalled software and still denoise does not work (i9 iMac). Back to Photoshop unfortunately .