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  1. Adobe Photoshop only offers hardness settings on basic brushes, so it's probably down to the complexity of the process. If you tried to blur the edges of complex shapes, the computing would probably make the brush unusable because of lag when trying to render multiple brushstrokes.
  2. I have an Metatron SVG broken down into lines and circles. I selected all of the lines and circles Set a stroke of 4pt Used Layer > Expand Stroke Used Geometry: Add and flipped the fill to a stroke on the Colour Panel.
  3. Hi, Windows may not have OpenGL, hopefully a windows user can shed some light on the rendering issue. I have a Mac with a retina screen so the display is very nice and your render looks great by the way.
  4. They are talking about tethered photography, programs like Hasselblad's Phocus etc.
  5. https://www.wikihow.com/Enable-Image-Preview-to-Display-Pictures-in-a-Folder-(Windows-10)
  6. Just tried changing settings in Preferences on the Performance Section but I cannot get that heavily jagged/stepped edge. under the renderer option have you tried using OpenGL to test?
  7. You need to be more detailed/specific in what you have problems with, what errors; if any, are coming up on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?
  8. I'm on Mac and there doesn't appear to be a problem here, have you tried unchecking Hardware Acceleration?
  9. You can apply a recolour adjustment layer and paint on the recolour adjustment layer with black, anything you don't want blue but I doubt there is a quick and easy way to do this.
  10. It would seem so, other than isolate it like you did earlier by copy/paste to it's own layer and then flipping. I'll try a few more things out or someone else may pop up with a better solution, I'll let you know what I find.
  11. I know solving an issue is a good thing but so is finding a solution to move a project on, maybe keep an eye on Lato fonts development but use a more compatible font for both OS'es. Is it imperative the font be Lato, could you find an alternative that is much less trouble?
  12. Try this... Use the rectangle selection Try to get an integer number like I have so a width of 200px Select the layer and select the move tool Now click and hold the middle right node and drag to the left, keep an eye on the transform panel and in particular the W: it will count down and then start to go back up keep moving it until it gets to 200px You have just flipped your selection.
  13. The issue is variable fonts; which Affinity does not support yet, using the static fonts for Montseratt works fine.
  14. In the meantime, make sure you rasterise the layer you are working on by right clicking and selecting rasterise.
  15. You need to reload the png files they are not showing. You can also resize them by double clicking on them in the post area.
  16. I cannot get the text to behave as the OP does, whether I expand to curves or just change from fill to stroke, I cannot get the font to go crazy with curves. The Big Text that looks corrupt, if you select the letter and use geometry add, it has the correct look, there are a few more nodes but it looks correct now.
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