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  1. I’m in need of a DAM with ability to import photos (including RAW) and catalog them with robust selection and filter features. Photo recognition that automatically tags the photo would be welcome feature. Exporting and upload to sites such as Smugmug, 500px, Flickr is a must have and wouldn’t complain if it also included Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Syncing with SmugMug galleries would be a very nice feature too. It would also have the ability to make adjustments, apply filters such as eye and skin smoothing, and incorporate a robust selection tool, and powerful batch processing. Workflows should be intuitive starting with importing photos, culling and selection, adjustments, and export / upload that helps to reduce the time editing event photos such as weddings or parties.
  2. Hi, No doubt Affinity is going in the right direction but some minor adjustments wouldn’t hurt. The reason I say this is because a majority , if not all, of the photographers here in Florida haven’t heard of Affinity Photo. That’s a shame because it’s a more mature product for iPad right now. Serif has done a great job marketing to people who hate the subscription model... What about potential customers who are perfectly fine with the subscription model? They need a different carrot held in front of them to entice them into buying. Being mentioned at the keynote address would have been a fantastic way to accomplish this. Keep in mind, the battle is going to be a lot harder after iPad PS is mainstream. My recommendation to Serif is spend some effort on marketing... Any article that mentions PS for iPad should have a post in the comments saying Affinity is already available.... Even better, work with the media to make sure they mention Affinity is available now in the actual article. Im tired of hearing people say “that photo was photoshopped”. They should be saying “That photo was “Affinity’d”.
  3. But your biggest competitor was... with a product that’s still in beta. I’m spending a lot of time and effort moving to the Affinity ecosystem so I’m depending on your leadership to make sure you’re around for a long time. As one of the best applications for IPad, it should have been a VP from Serif talking on stage at the Apple event. You have to up your game...
  4. Hi, Why weren’t you part of Apple’s keynote presentation in New York today?
  5. How about that... So I guess I was doing something wrong. Thank you for assisting me with this.
  6. Hi, When I open a raw file taken with my Nikon D810, the photos look very flat and dull. Is this normal behavior with RAW files or am I doing something wrong? When I open them in other applications, they look as I would expect them to. I've attached a screenshot and a copy of the RAW file to help troublshoot my quesiton. Left is a different application (whose name shall not be mentioned) and Affinity Photo is on the right. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows version and my computer is on Windows 10 with 32gigs of memory. Chris Copy of the original raw file. Fall-2018-photoshoot-1056 - Copy.NEF
  7. Haugh Photography

    Color Wheel

    Hi, Do you have a color wheel available online similar to one of your competitors? It would be a nice feature and may increase your website traffic. Chris
  8. Haugh Photography

    Call for Camera Images

    Just uploaded a few photos taken with a Nikon KeyMission 360.