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  1. Hey guys. Seems I didn't have email notifications turned on. As far as "Open Recent..." is concerned, I had thought about adding a button similar to what you described but I opted not to use anymore time mocking up an example of this because... well, I just didn't feel like doing it.
  2. LOL... Yes and no though. - If I die, someone else (that got my permission) will get access to all my email accounts, and if they use the things that I use, well they can continue to use things like Affinity software.
  3. Good point. And just to clarify, It's not that I can't afford it, I just don't want spend anymore money on something that I've already purchased. It's not like it's a car or house.
  4. Why is it only Pixologic that gives free upgrades for life? Meaning from the big players in the Digital Art & Design Software Industry. My main reason for purchasing Photo and Designer was not having to pay a company (with millions of customers) over and over. If only GIMP and Inkscape were just a little more user-friendly (by a little I mean A LOT)... Sigh
  5. So, I just got the email about the Publisher Beta coming to an end soon and the generous 30% discount I can take advantage of, but I need some clarity. - Are Affinity products giving free updates for life (as in "Life of the product" and all future versions) or free updates until the next major release (as in free updates for version 1.X.X.XXX but not for version 2.X.X.XXX)? I raise this question because your email about Affinity Publisher seems to be the latter.
  6. I voted "no" as I currently use XnView MP to view and organise my files. It has built in support / thumbnail support for almost any file you can think of (including Affinity files) and I have been using it for years. ALSO, it's FREE and OPEN SOURCE. The only way I'd use another tool / DAM / Asset Manager / Media Organiser is if it's, at the veryleast, free. I would not pay an extra $1 for something that I already have. Yes, there may be ways of integrating such an app into an Affiniy main application but XnView works just fine for me. If you've never heard of XnView MP, you can find it here: https://www.xnview.com/ PS: IMHO
  7. As of this post I decided to use GIMP to crop over 200 images just for the speed. I know that Photo has batch image opertations but cropping is only done if the image is over a certain pixel size which means it will not do what I want on most images. Just a quick update on why this feature is needed.
  8. In GIMP, when you import/open an image, you can make your edit(s) to said image and then immediately export it in it's original format with a simple hotkey or with two (2) simple clicks (File > Overwrite "example-image.jpg"). You can see this in the image attached. Please implement this feature or tell me how I can do something similar in no more than 2 actions. It GREATLY improves workflows of this nature. Thanks in advance.
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