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  1. I would also like this: Let me first thank the whole team for their work/software. I edit a lot of images I retouch them with the 'Inpainting brush tool', I create a new layer to edit on, and everytime I select the Inpainting brush tool I need to select 'Current layer & below'. When I close the file, and I open the next new image, I create the new layer above it, select the inpainting brush tool, I start to paint and then I realise, it's not doing anything because 'Current layer only' is selected, so I need to reselect 'Current layer & below'. It would be nice to select save tools/remember settings in the settings panel. Greetings, J├╝rgen
  2. Hi, I am Jurgen, i'm a experienced designer / web developer and now switched to affinity. I want to thank all the developers and the whole team of affinity to create these applications! I'm really looking forward to future updates! I purchased both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, looking forward to Affinity Publisher. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I don't know if it's possible to achieve this but, imagine you work with different people and you share a .ai file, or somebody wants a .ai file of your work. Then it would be great to have a .ai export option. Thanks! *update: Sorry, topic already excist, you can delete this
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