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    Inpainting brush lag in

    Hi Chris - this is embarrassing but today I can't reproduce the issue. I've tried a re-edit of the files that showed the behavior the most, and it's just not happening. Maybe there was something going on with my machine on the previous two days that I didn't know about, or maybe playing around with the max undo level (Performance tab, Preferences screen) made a difference - something I tried half way through yesterday's editing session. Either way, AP is back to its normal responsive self, so please disregard this thread.
  2. Since upgrading to the new version I'm seeing an annoying drop in responsiveness when using the Inpainting brush. The laggy behavior shows up after a only few small touchups. No changes to my system since the last edit with the previous version, stacks of unused RAM available. Win 10 Pro x64 1903. Edit: Seems to pass once AP has been open a while.
  3. I'm loving 1.7 but having just worked through a lot of repetitive edits I'd really like to have AP retain more settings between sessions for commonly used tools, e.g. when I switch to the freehand selection tool, I'd love it to remember that last time I was using say polygonal or magnetic mode when I invoke frequency separation, I'd prefer it to remember my radius and other settings These are small things I know, but they would streamline the editing process appreciably.
  4. DMayrshire

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Just want to say a big thank you for this update! I got my AP license just over a month ago and since then I've been using it in tandem with my old copy of CS5, gradually transitioning more and more towards AP, but I would occasionally get hit by unexpected slow-downs that pushed me back into CS5. Since I updated to 1.7 I haven't experienced any of these problems - it's consistently responsive and just feels more solid throughout. In short, it's now an absolute joy to use, a truly outstanding piece of software in all respects. Well done to the development team and again, thank you.
  5. When doing lots of similar selection-based edits (e.g. for product shots) it would be nice to have a "remember settings" option in the Refine Selection dialog, as is provided by Photoshop. Right now I'm using a macro recorder to fire frequently used values into the fields, but it would be better if Affinity had the option to remember the most recently used values itself.