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  1. affinitygirl

    Affinity Designer keeps crashing .

    I have a 2017 mac pro and I have all the recent updates. I have the new designer. I upgraded to 1.7
  2. I'm working on a illustration and I rebooted my computer several times. Any small move or click my computer program crashes! It was fine days before.
  3. I tried downloading file on chrome and safari. My package did not download. How do I get my money back. Download keeps stopping and I have highspeed connection.
  4. These threads are awful . No one will answer me either .
  5. My update for 1.7 did not show up for mac. How do I get it? I rebooted my computer . Relogged into the mac store. Does not work. what do I do now?
  6. Mac store did not upgrade me
  7. Everything is off. My affinity designer page up updated on my mac. Affinity photo updated but no welcome page,
  8. I'm A MAC USER AND THERE IS NO UPDATE FOR COOL FREE STUFF FOR AFFINITY PHOTO SUPER LOST ...LOL . I am not yelling, I took my caps off. There is no launch page and I'm connected to internet . I have the new version , Please help..
  9. Upgraded to photo.. cant download new free content without paying for it again. It doesn't have a separate window like designer to download extra content. May I have the link to download free content for affinity photo upgrade. Thanks