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  1. +1 ...I own Affinity Photo and the only thing preventing me from also buying Designer is that it lacks .DWG/.DXF support. These are important enough to be dealbreakers.
  2. DXF certainly works well and is the definitive standard used by millions of vinyl cutters, lasers and CNCs daily - ask them! ...and it works for me too. All we now need is to get DXF support in Affinity Designer to make it even greater!
  3. Hoping that the Affinity Design crew read this... Annother request for dxf support. DXF is such a useful format for import/export to CAD and is so important to laser or vinyl cutting and 3D printing etc etc that it would make Affinity very popular in many specialist worlds that I'm sure will be eagre to promote the product in favour of Adobe Illustrator of CorelDraw !!!
  4. Great to see a welcome update, but sadly still no dxf/dwg support - come on guys, please work on this it will surely sell a lot more units.
  5. Me too, for dxf import/export needed as an essential feature. When Designer gets dxf, I'll buy straight away and I know very many others will too!!!
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