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  1. Can I share this? made me laugh.
  2. Hi LovesToDraw408 This piece took about 1 hour, give or take a couple of tea breaks. Took some time to find some descent snow brushes. Pedro came up trumps for those. Then there was searching youtube and the net for "How to...." etc. Hope this information is useful. Like any new software, this may be similar to another product, but you still need to work through it. Have fun. Marky this one took 2-3 hours including searching for images.
  3. The title should have been "Christmas...Really"?. But for some reason it copied over from the last post! Cheers Carl
  4. Winter Snow Scene. Made in Affinity Photo. 7 image composite.
  5. Thanks MEB, really starting to get to grips with Affinity now. Just a different way of working. AFFINITY is such an in-depth program, and there are numerous ways of achieving the same thing. Really glad I made the switch. Saved me £70 over the year. Now I can put that towards Affinity Designer!
  6. Winter Snow Scene. Made in Affinity Photo. I used just 3 images to produce this image. the foregrounstarted off as green grass and using blend modes, I managed to turn the grass white, with added grunge brush to make the light covering of snow. The lamp was a PNG image ready to go, with additional duplicate layers to add the snow to the side and shadow fall. Additional pixel layers to add glow to the lamp. Great thanks to Pedro for the fantastic snow brushes. The snow was done over 4 pixel layers with various size brushes and gaussian blur and motion blur to imitate snow fall. Thanks to Pedro Soares for the Snow brushes. http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/branca-leve-e-fria/ Images:- Background forest https://lumibear.deviantart.com/art/Fog-57-148088251 Foreground https://foxstox.deviantart.com/art/Grassy-Field-54931520 Lamp from Pixaby, loads to choose from.
  7. The red light is a warning beacon for aircraft!
  8. Composite image, Model, wings, background from deviantart. Feather brushes.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys.
  10. Composite image of trawler rescue by UFO Images, Trawler, stormy seas, background clouds, pattern overlay of city lights on a shape taken from an image in germany of the ufo. Brushes and light flares to produce engine drive effect.
  11. I did this one for the owner of the plane as a Christmas card, to raise money to keep it flying.
  12. Yeh, the plane could be softer, plus the perspective is slightly out. I have done a modified version, but didn't like it. The original plane was shot in a hangar.
  13. Marky

    Snow Tiger

    Model, tiger, background, Foreground rocks, layer of snow, snow brush. All images from Derviantart.
  14. Apparently not
  15. Photo composite of Ninja with snow tiger
  16. That is really cool. Like the shadows.
  17. To Boldly go....to affinity and beyond. Great stuff
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