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  1. Yes , but I can´t do like in the desktop version. I want to fix some points in the picture and check how these poits RGB values changes , when I apply a filter of effects...
  2. Affinity Team has intention to implement the INFO PANNEL in affinty photo? (to check RGB values of diferents points.) Jokin
  3. I have linked an image in my document. I close the publisher file. I edit and change the original linked image. I open again the publisher document. The image does not update automatically. I must go to Resource manager and manually click in "UpDATE" I have checked the "Automatically update linked resources when modified externally" option in Prefences panel. What is wrong? Jokinb
  4. I ´m printig in affinity photo, in the print menu I select: the program control the color I use the Epson IJ printer 07 icc profile I select relative colorimetric I disable the printer driver’s control of colors I print the same picture in Affinity Photo and in Photoshop but the results are completely diferents. In Photoshop I get a clear and good print. In affinity photo I get a dark print. I use the same configuration in both programs. I have test with relative and absolute colorimetric and the result is in both case is dark in Affinity ( There seems to be no difference between the two colorimetric types in Affinity). In photoshop the absolute colorimetric print a dark picture but the relative colorimetric a correct image. Jokin
  5. Yes, but the most logical thing is to change the primary color directly with the color picker
  6. Affinity photo and designer in the Desktop version. With the color picker tool ( tool bar) only the secondary color is changed. If I´m painting with the brush tool and I want to select another color in the canvas, I must: 1.- select the color picker tool (I short key) ( then the secondary color is selected in the color wheel, so the color that will pick the color picker tool will be the secondary color)),. 2.- drag to select a new color,. 3.-select the brush tool (I shortkey) (then the primary color is focused in the color wheel and the secondary color will pick the new color). 4.- Exchange the primary and secondary colors . 5.-Paint now. A lot of works. The most logical thing would be for the color picker tool to change the primary color directly. In the Ipad version there is not this problem I am doing something wrong?
  7. There is Sub Brush system-option in the Ipad version?
  8. Sure!, I can´t find the new functions in the ipad version
  9. In the new version of Affinity Designer (1.7.367) in the pixel persona it is not posible to draW anything with the stylus. I can select tools, menus but any brush stroke is not registrered. (doesn´t draw anything with the Paint brush tool) I can draw with the pixel tool In Designer persona it works ok It works fine in Affinity Photo. (1.7) It works fine in the Affinity Designer customer beta.( I have uninstall and install again . The same problem. What is the problem? NOTE: finallly solved The Protect Alpha was checked. Sorry
  10. Go to Document/ Section Manager and create a new section. You can select the "Restart page numberint at" option
  11. Oh yes . It works fine now. You must press in one of the pressure curve´s nodes and selet reset pressure curve. Thanks Robin
  12. Yes there is a bug. If you edit the stroke pressure curve (adding a center control point to the graph) you can not draw again a dotted line with the pen and pencil tool. It works with the brush tool. If you create a new document, this pressure curve grahp has not been changed and it will work. But in an old document if this graph has been changed, it will not work Jokin
  13. If I rename a “A” file to “A2” and save it to On my Ipad the file is no saved with the new name.It is saved with the original name. Some times it doesn´t appear in the folder. (It seems that the “on my Ipad” folder is not refreshed. jokinb
  14. Thanks, Moving over the node and clicking the right mouse button detele it, but if I press the Suppr key the graphic window (LAB curves) disappear and the adjustment layer too. A bug? Jokinb
  15. In the help documentation is said that a node in the curve adjustment can be deleted by "Click to select a node and then press the Backspace key to remove it.". When I press the Backspace key the Curve window is closed and is deleted the adjustment layer just created. How can I delete a curve´s node? Jokinb
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