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    NoVa_KC reacted to SunRiseMoon in Affinity Photo - Saving the Workspace?   
    Wenn ich den Arbeitsbereich in Affinity Photo nach meinen Wünschen einrichte, also vor allem über Ansicht/Studio die gewünschten Panele auswähle und in Reitern im Studiobereich anordne, würde ich die Anordnung gerne als Vorgabe speichern. Nur finde ich leider keine Möglichkeit dafür. Es gibt nur dem Menüpunkt "Reset Studio", aber keinen "Save Studio" oder "Store Studio as...".
    Geht das irgendwie?
    Beste Grüße
    P.S.: Möglicherweise gab es schon mal so eine Frage, doch da ich weder im Workbook noch in der Hilfe auch nur einen Begriff dafür fand, habe ich eventuell keine geeignete Frage stellen können:)
    Google Translation:
    If I set up the workspace in Affinity Photo according to my wishes, so especially on View/Studio select the desired panels and arrange in riders in the Studio area, I would like to save the arrangement as a default. Unfortunately, I find no way for it. There is only the menu item "Reset Studio", but no "Save Studio" or "Store Studio as ...".
    Is that possible?
    Best regards
    P.S .: Maybe there was already such a question, but since I found neither in the workbook nor in the help even a term for it, I may have been unable to ask a suitable question :)
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    NoVa_KC reacted to SunRiseMoon in Affinity Photo - Saving the Workspace?   
    Thanks Gabe.
    Der Grund ist ganz einfach. Für die Fotobearbeitung benötige ich bestimmte Panels, die also aktiviert sind. Für spezielle Aufgaben aktiviere ich manchmal zusätzlich andere Panele . Ist die Bearbeitung dieses Bilds beendet, wäre ein "Restore" meines gewohnten UIs optimal, das ginge jedoch nur, wenn ich mein eingerichtetes UI unter einem Namen abgespeichert hätte. Eigentlich ist es bei vielen Programmen möglich, mehrere UIs einzurichten und je nach Aufgabe unter dem jeweils gewählten Namen wieder herzustellen. Das vermisse ich bei AP.

    Beste Grüße
    The reason is quite simple. For the photo editing I need certain panels, which are activated. For special tasks I sometimes activate other panels as well. If the editing of this image is finished, a "Restore" of my usual UI would be optimal, but that would only work, if I had saved my usually UI under a given name. Actually it is possible with many programs to set up several UIs and depending on the task to restore under the chosen name. I miss that option at AP.

    Best regards
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    NoVa_KC reacted to Daltonism in Affinity Photo - Save As...   
    Your observations are right on target.  I don't go as far as saying that Save, Save As and Export make the app useless, but I agree they are weirdly annoying, although I can certainly work around this and other issues. Good post,Icefront, I'm sure the AP team will get on this in due time. 
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    NoVa_KC reacted to Icefront in Affinity Photo - Save As...   
    The current aproach of File -> Save as is the worst... It's like GIMP's very annoying feature.
    Save as should allow to save all known formats - JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.
    So there are hundreds of forum posts regarding the save as and export commands, it's still not the best way, instead it's the most annoying ever.
    Save as should allow the user to save the file in whichever format he wants. When data loss may occur a warning dialog is good enough. By saving a document as means changing the working file name and changing the working file path.
    Export should save a file to another place, but the app should not change the working file and the working path.
    Forcing users to do it in a cumbersome way to "save as" their work is highly annoying. Practically Affinity Photo is useless for me right now. Anyway, who uses such a software for professional purposes is completely aware of the file format limitations!
    Please open any other software and see how it's working:
    - "Save" saves the currently opened document. If was not saved before, invokes the "Save as..." dialog.
    - "Save As" offers a list of known file formats to save the document. After saving, the file name/path is updated. Here, if the chosen format does not supports all extra data, a warning is enough. After saving the app sould keep all the extra data (layers, etc). After saving, a "file saved flag" should be set to not bug the user upon exiting the app that the file wasnt saved.
    - "Export" offers a list of known file formats to save the document. After exporting, the file name/path is NOT updated, the "file saved flag" isn't altered.
    The above workflow is the best. Implementing another way only annoys the user and renders the software unusable.
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    NoVa_KC reacted to robert joseph bailey in "Affinity" File - Save only   
    Hi MEB
    Thank you for the explanation. I see what you mean.
    In my haste to ask the question I missed an inportant point. I am in fact "round tripping" (or trying to) from another application (Capture One Pro). Capture One gives me the option to edit in Affinity Photo and will export a JPG or TIF (8 or 16 bit) which then opens in Affinity Photo.
    When I have finished editing in Affinity Photo I want to go back to Caoture One Pro and continue editing or output from there.
    Affinity Photo does not even take me to the same directory, is there any way to return to the source directory rather than "Pictures".
    Thank you
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    NoVa_KC reacted to MattP in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    NoVa_KC - no, there’s more people coding than me, but I’m the guy who would need to code the features mentioned above
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    NoVa_KC reacted to HYR in Affinity Designer PSD export improvement?   
    Has anything been done (or can anything be done) to have better compatibility with PSD's in AD 1.7?
    I just did a quick test, exporting a simple file with 1 line of text and 4 simple shapes as a PSD and opened in the latest version of Photoshop and they're all rasterized, which is not useful to me when I want to work in Affinity Designer as my primary tool and export PSD's for clients to have an editable copy of the work since they use Photoshop. Does that make sense?