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  1. ------------------ Your observations are right on target. I don't go as far as saying that Save, Save As and Export make the app useless, but I agree they are weirdly annoying, although I can certainly work around this and other issues. Good post,Icefront, I'm sure the AP team will get on this in due time.
  2. Great! it's working. I was doing everything except the dragging. Thank you guys.
  3. I purchased Affinity at the Mac App Store yesterday and I am enjoying it greatly. I haven't been able, however, to activate or enable the picker on a curves panel. Is there a setting I have missed in the preferences or a particular keyboard shortcut? I watched a video where someone clicks on the picker and then on he image in order to place nodes in the curves adjustment. In my case this process is not working, I am unable to place nodes on the curves panel. Thanks for your help.

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