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  1. You are quite right. Indeed I just tried another file and it worked fine. Thank you so much for your speedy and attentive help. Really excellent. Robert
  2. Thank you for your help. They now load and appear in the menus as the tutorial. Although they do not aappear to function correctly. Please see the three screen shots below. All the shots are for Color Efex Pro 4. This screen is the Nik application: This screen is Affinity Photo: This screen is the Nik plugin from within Affinity Photo
  3. Similar problem here with 1.8.1. I have loaded the Nik Collection as per the tutorial video and when I I click >Filters>Plugins there is no "Nik Collection". I have completed all the steps: Point to the folder \Applications\Nik Collection Authorise all Tiked the box Restarted ???
  4. Hello OP Rob here. Well you have left me behind on the tech. stuff but it might be worth me pointing out thay my image of the original colours was a screen clip taken from a recording of a Zoom video conference call. I paused the video and clipped the document from the screen. That may explain the difference between my image and the colours generated by using the numbers. I did try the Create Pallet from Imge option before I posted and it did create a pallet with one incorrect (by a mile) colour so I assumed I had done something wrong, hence my post. The Affinity help is a bit v
  5. Hi, I'm a bit new to this. I have been using Apple Pages for my DTP and it is quite easy to create a custom swatch. I have a set of 8 colours in a JPG and would like to make them into a custom swatch (pallete) in Publisher but I can't find a way to do it. There must be one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Robert
  6. When I have had problems with printing I export to PDF and print that.
  7. Thank you for your quick reply, I did think that might be the case Is there any chance this could be addressed in a future rev? Perhaps with a command line switch? Thanks
  8. My RAW convertor Capture One Pro gives me the option to round trip to Affinity Photo. I take quite a lot of 3 shot HDR sets which I would like to edit in Affinity Photo. When I output the set of three TIFS to Affinity Photo it oens them but not in the HDR bit, it opens them in the Develop Module. How can I get them to open in the HDR (Tone Map?) module. Thank you Robert
  9. Hi MEB Thank you for the explanation. I see what you mean. In my haste to ask the question I missed an inportant point. I am in fact "round tripping" (or trying to) from another application (Capture One Pro). Capture One gives me the option to edit in Affinity Photo and will export a JPG or TIF (8 or 16 bit) which then opens in Affinity Photo. When I have finished editing in Affinity Photo I want to go back to Caoture One Pro and continue editing or output from there. Affinity Photo does not even take me to the same directory, is there any way to return to the source directory
  10. Hi MEB I'm on a Mac and that isn't the way it works for me. I have opened a TIF file done a bit of inpainting and now want to save it back out as a TIF overwriting the old TIF. Whan I clic save AP wants to save as an aphoto file. Surely the default to save should be the same format as opened. Even save as should default to the same format with the option to change. R
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