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  1. Well, i think I may have figured out my conundrum. For those who may be wondering - I was attempting to bring out clouds in some landscape photos I had taken using AEB. But in using AEB, the more exposed image was a bit overexposed, thus looking faded, and I believe that the Affinity HDR tool simply picked up the overexposed areas. I think that what I should have done was to use exposure compensation in parallel with AEB so that the “most exposed” image was closer to correct exposure and this might not have occurred. Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to go out and take some more photos! Thank you for your offer of assistance. Yep, I’m a rookie - at least with HDR. Marty
  2. I’m attempting to learn by doing with Affinity. I have been attempting HDR merges of landscape photos, most often using a series of three raw images taken using AEB in raw format (Canon 6D if that matters.) Most all of my merged images appear somewhat faded after the merge operation. Am I missing something, doing something wrong, or is this a characteristic of the HDR tool? I can and will provide further info as needed. Thank you!
  3. Hello All, OK, I'm almost embarrassed to ask this - but have any tutorials been updated to reflect the differences in the newest (1.6.7) version of Affinity Photo? I'm a complete newbie to photo editing, and the Affinity app. And I must admit i'm getting a bit older and Not quite as mentally nimble as I once was. There seem to be enough differences in the new version of Affinity vs. the version used for the photos that I'm struggling to do even simple tasks. Thanks for any help you can provide!