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  1. Thanks @Lee D By Tonal Adjustments are we talking about anything that appears as a separate layer when the adjustment is done? Pretty much anything from the adjustment panel? Also, when exporting, I am able to export to different LUT formats. The default is .cube would this be the best for cross-platform, for example, if I wanted to send to my friend for use in PSD or Lightroom? For more advanced changes to various things I guess I could use Macros too, and build the LUT into the Macro workflow. Is there a way to macros cross platform?
  2. Usually, I go in and adjust my images manually one by one. I also do not usually run with a certain 'look' but keep the image fairly natural looking to enhance whatever I like about the image and fix any flaws but, for some social media stuff I am wanting to create some looks that can easily be added with a click to save me time. LIke these: https://bypresetlab.com/collections/mobile-lightroom-presets The overall feel of these seems to be reducing the total number of available colours, moving various colours towards different tones of a reduced colour pallete. I did this with an Orange and Teal look (Load Image > Channel Mixer > Change Red Channel > Red 100% Blue 100% Green minus 100%). Lots of the other types of preset shown in the link above seem to be a riff on that with various levels of saturation / desaturation, contrast, clarity, structure. Are filters, looks and LUTS that you purchase online effectively the thing? A series of saved adjustments or is there a difference between them? If I adjust an image in Affinity Photo and then FILE > EXPORT LUT does this save ALL of the changes I made to the image as one 'filter' or look? Or just some - adjustment layers for example? For example, many of the changes might be separate adjustment layers but some - sharpen > clarity - will be done to an image layer. Is there a better way to save these changes other than as a LUT? And how shareable are LUT's if I decided to create a look pack for friends for example. Than ks in advance.
  3. Seriously. This post and all posts like it on forums just need to be removed. Why do normal, reasonably adjusted people need to be infuriated? We have Facebook for that. Keep it simple stupid? It is already simple, which leads me to believe that stupid might even be a level of progression not yet reached.
  4. I havent used LUT's before. I downloaded some freebies from the link @mikerofoto gave in the post above. I have downloaded a sample pack which seems to contain a bunch of folders. These folder seem to contain a bunch of different files, with the files suffixes being the same. - 3DL / COSTYLE / CUBE / ICC / LOOK / VLT / XMP / WEB Looks, from the instructions like I only need use the CUBE format? Also, once loaded LUT > Load > Add Preset it looks like they stay as presets on the LUT area, correct? Anything else I should be concerning myself with? Any other tips?
  5. ".. I went to the Apple Store and was surprised to learn that the Genius had not yet updated his own MBP to Mojave! .." A genius would wait a few months
  6. I tried this suggestion, it works but kind of in the opposite way than described, for me (I think). Using a Live Adjustment Layer for clarity; selecting the brush option and 'painting' seems to remove the clarity rather than painting in the effect as you implied in your response. Is that correct? Is there a tutorial on this somewhere?
  7. Hi I noticed that when I align text and type, all good, the text remains centered or justified the way I want. However, if I add spaces at the end (For example, I wanted to leave a gap for a code to be printed on an image) then the spaces disappear off to the die of the text layer, the text does not move / justify. Affinity Photo 1.6.6 / OS 10.13.2 See attached video for example. spaces example.mov
  8. I have a weird issue with my Wacom stylus. When using Affinity Photo it works, almost everywhere. Selecting tools, moving image boundaries etc. It also works in the Adjustments / Layers / Effects area. I can select one of the bars - for example 'Exposure' - and then move the Exposure slider left and right. All good. The issue happens when I try and select a Preset for those adjustments. I tap the stylus on the preset thumbnails, and they 'flash' once as if they have been selected. But nothing happens to the image. I thought it was a Wacom / Affinity issue but then I happened to try selecting the Preset thumbnail with my finger rather than the stylus (I have the Wacom touch pad version). My finger is able to select the presets, the thumbnail flashes and the image changes to suit the preset, however, the stylus can not, despite the thumbnail flashing to indicate it has been selected. With both my finger and the stylus the thumbnail flashes to indicate selection, but only my finger actually change the image. Any ideas?
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