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  1. Perhaps not very easy for macOS only users to find an efficient way through the new Windows questions jungle. It was said that both would be (a bit) separated …
  2. When using the values of the fonts, both fonts results with the same correct cap height. AD calculates correct Arial cap heights and wrong Arial Black (too big) cap heights.
  3. Perhaps some apps and extensions do it the way you describe. But this does not explain why we get the wrong results in AD. Example: Arial and Arial Black have the same needed values for calculating the cap height. We calculate the same correct result, but AD fails with Arial Black.
  4. Big sorry: Don’t know what you mean. Do you think other apps have a database with some 100000 font values and don’t use the fonts to get correct cap heights?
  5. The truth is: Nobody wrote that Serif should make accurately or broadly defined business decisions. Users need the features they spent their money for. Time is running. Publisher is delayed and many features (not a forum gallery) wait to be added and improved. There are other competing companies with more manpower and with more comprehensive apps. If you or Str2 need a gallery here in the forum, you can make a concept and a feature request. Until now there is only the question what we think plus only five answers. No, you read wrong. Not a single “only” was used. The question of Str2 is the topic question. Nothing was quoted with reason. Because it was not an answer of your statements! Perhaps “you should have used the quote facility” in your post #7 because it refers to post #6.
  6. Just one example: VivaDesigner. But why do you ask? We just want correct results.
  7. nanu schwendener did not, LilleG did not, jennyjennyjenny did not … +++++++++ True, nobody did forbid this conversation, but we think that other things are much much more needed, because Serif can earn money with the other things. Time is money. You can google those pictures in seconds.
  8. We don’t compare, we just wonder that we don’t get the right results for many fonts in AD.
  9. This would mean that many fonts like Arial Black, Gill Sans, Palatino, Futura, Big Caslon, etc. return wrong values in Affinity Designer. In other Apps we get the correct results. Please, please improve.
  10. Thanks for sharing. You are using three different “fonts”. You are trying to illustrate what is written. The best is to illustrate the USP. Just three very quick notes without having an idea what your concept was (always begin with a concept, never with the fine-drawing).
  11. Sunset, that was the answer to the question of Str2 and please, don’t draw wrong conclusions. Serif implemented a “Share your work”, not a “Gallery”. They may had good reasons … The pictures can be seen with a simple search (no need for registering). Before we need a gallery, we need an “Expand Stroke” with acceptable results and the Publisher (originally announced for 2015).
  12. The Affinity team is small. They haven’t had a few seconds to change one single forum colour value, they haven’t had time to eliminate some old problems and to add needed features. Professional users don’t want that Affinity Publisher will delay for another year because a gallery has to be added and maintained. Perhaps some users want to do the job? Hands up …
  13. Welcome here, chris.jljones@blueyonder.c If you really need something like a (”silly“ slow) button solution, try/use the ”History“, please.
  14. Great, " functions properly! Perhaps x, a, c are not mentioned, because they will be improved? For example 4cm/c results in 4.0904…cm when using Arial Black and 4 cm when using Arial. In other apps you get 4 cm and 4 cm. If you activate one or more text objects that use different fonts and change c, the result is often wrong because only one c is assigned for all.
  15. Callums »Datei> Speichern Geschichte mit Dokumenten« ist in der deutschen Version: Datei ▸ Protokoll mit Dokument speichern Eric, möglicherweise werden die Dateien in 1.5 bereits etwas kleiner.
  16. Welcome here. Is it Designer or Photo? Perhaps you have not enough free RAM. One solution could be to close other apps. Quickest way (copy and paste in browser's URL): file:///Applications/Affinity%20Designer.app/Contents/Resources/AffinityDesigner.help/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/index.html or file:///Applications/Affinity%20Photo.app/Contents/Resources/AffinityPhoto.help/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/index.html
  17. So there is a reason to keep it editable (e.g. in 3d apps) and see the changes without the need of exporting etc.
  18. countdown, count up … in or out, up or down, WIN or MAC, … Count on Affinity. Affinity connects. Thanks.
  19. We don’t know what JonathanCopeland presents, but kerning should not be ignored in any medium and software. So, why not write about it? If you compose everything in one app, it is easier to make changes. JonathanCopeland started in AD and must switch to AP, which means difficulties if texts have to be changed in AD.
  20. Without seeing your website design … all apps that have perfect kerning capabilities (e.g. C4D). FYI: The AD AP detour produces difficulties with text. We hope 1.5 will have an answer.
  21. Sorry to deceive hopes. You already answered your question. Not easy in Affinity Designer (but in other [3d] apps). To get more quality, enlarge before. Perhaps there will be a workaround with version 1.5 soon.
  22. MEB advised you to “delete” the old Affinity application, not the App Store app …
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