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  1. Well, a knife tool is on the Affinity Designer feature roadmap for a long time. :( The Break Curve Action or a second software are no optimal solutions. The Vector Eraser still is only on the Common Feature Requests INDEX. :( BTW: MattP posted (14 November 2014): It's fair to say that there will be a vector eraser in the future - all the code is already there except for just one tiny little bit that you wouldn't even think was that important - and it's that one little bit that changes the whole thing from being 'just another' implementation to a proper implementation - so until I can get that working (i.e. after I've delivered everything else I've promised, hehe) then it has to sit in my list - but at least it's there! :( :( :(
  2. Expected to be in beta by the end of 2016. [https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/about/]
  3. No, they changed it a few times. Now: “Expected to be in beta by the end of 2016”
  4. Hi John, just deselect everything (a click besides), then click on the segment and BACKSPACE. Or: type V, click on the segment and BACKSPACE.
  5. We would like to see more improvements of text snapping. (If you create a new text object, only the “first click” snaps. Only the first character can be used.)
  6. Perhaps a button to reset snapping candidates is a good idea. Could quicken our work.
  7. Yes, just test the trial(s). It will be like a test drive with a new car that has an autopilot. ;) And tell us your (positive and negative) experiences. The Affinity team attend to user wishes and improves the apps every second.
  8. Hi David, snapping only works with the first character of real text, yet.
  9. What can we learn of this topic? Somebody is searching a manual, that is not offered, starting work in Designer and cancels it by Photoshop … Some things really could be easier for Affiinity beginners to gain quicker from “hidden” tools. Notice the search of the eyedropper … One solution could be a tool overview overlay screen, displayed temporarily by keystroke, perhaps shown once at the first app start and integrated in Affinity Help. Another example: A newbie has no idea of using expressions in fields, because this is not even mentioned in the beginning of the help file. But that is needed because there are no individual transforming tools yet. Surprise. We have not seen that on the roadmap. How much will it be?
  10. This is one reason why we want to see a tool explanation screen overlay (displayed temporarily by keystroke).
  11. And who made it real? Not Zeus, not Odin, … Thanks, SuperCatt! ;)
  12. Your colorful illustrations make us smile reflexively. Thanks! :rolleyes: MADE IN AD :) We love scottish fish! Shouldn’t the penguejitulus wear fish bones? ;)
  13. You misunderstood it, this topic is about a feature request for seamless vector patterns, not about your video!
  14. Sooz, on 16 Dec 2015 - 09:06 AM, said: @ Sooz: The vector pattern function of which app? Affinity has none.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallpaper_group
  16. Please not only simple patterns. We like to see an implementation of all 17 plane symmetry groups.
  17. 1. iOS Affinity Photo + Designer X. Affinity Publisher X+1. Ade, ob(solete): CanCeled! Now, we know why it is called A d o b e C C. Just ordered Software? ;)
  18. @ evtonic3: More 4 unequal than 4 symmetrical forms. 4 example nature, FreeHand. (of course not 4 transforming only one node at once)
  19. WWW? Watt? What? Weihnachten? … Ja, ist denn schon wieder Weihnachten?! ;)
  20. Please not only a simple pattern. Please, we like to see an implementation of all 17 plane symmetry groups. Not only the the trade press would celebrate that feature!
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