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  1. confetti

    Image trace equivalent (Illustrator)

    me too, same question, Trace and Vectorize Bitmap Images has this feature been added in the meantime? otherwise how about buying Super Vectorizer? thanks
  2. confetti

    Image trace equivalent (Illustrator)

    see below, fogot to check notify me
  3. There is a jubilee on Design Cuts. They sell a logo creation kit: Essential Branding & Identity Kit for Photoshop and Illustrator which says: there are also png files, that should work, I think. Maybe it is also a general question regarding Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Illustrator CS4 Thanks for help.
  4. confetti

    Bug when opening eps file

    I'm attaching the eps-file. Logo_SWHAT_RGB.EPS
  5. opening a logo-file in eps formate in designer version 1.6.1 on Mac desktop I'm missing existing gradients (see picture). Transparent background is missing as well. The difference is shown when opening the eps-file with GraphicConverter (left part of picture).
  6. That helped me too. I just found it in a beginners tutorial. Would never have guessed it! I just - copy, then edit, paste inside I missed it desperately.

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