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  1. Hi MacGB Thanks, sorry for not being clear, it's "Edit in Affinity Photo" which I've been using. It would be nice if someone from Affinity answered the question about what the "16MB change limit exceeded - document will be flattened" message means, given it's been knocking around for a while. I Googled it and all the results come from this forum. Thanks
  2. @MacGB Yes, I tried the right click and the behaviour is completely different. "Edit with" is producing the "16MB change limit exceeded - document will be flattened" message. I don't really know what this means or if it's an issue, I can see it's been raised on the forum many times going back at least to 2016 but couldn't find a definitive answer. I'm guessing it's not a problem if the photo is finished...but I'm only guessing.
  3. Hi MacGB Agreed there's the "edit with" option as a workaround which provides more functionality and it's just a few more clicks, I can live with that although if I were the product owner it would annoy me having to explain why a feature (develop extension for RAW) does not work. I'm still getting a "limit exceeded" error when I use "edit with", are you seeing that?
  4. OK so the develop extension is not working. I'd only want to use it for RAW files which I would have thought is the main use case.
  5. Hi - I've just tried 1.8.0 that was just released, as far as I can tell this isn't fixed - do you agree?
  6. I agree, Develop is not working for RAW, which presumably is its main purpose
  7. Using "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension with a RAW file I still get the warning even if I flatten the file before closing it (edit the RAW, develop, flatten - close - save). Its a 50MB Fuji RAF file. Not sure if I'm losing anything by just clicking Save?
  8. Steve, thanks for the suggestion but I don't have document/flatten when I open in the Affinity Develop extension. The Affinity app is opened within Photos and I only have the Photos menus.
  9. Hi, using the latest beta, I've disabled the extensions for the retail version and restarted. The Edit in Affinity option works as a round trip (after clicking Develop, saving the changes and closing the file) albeit it gives me a warning about exceeding file size and flattening the file. However the Affinity Develop option still gives the familar "Unable to edit with Affinity Develop" "An unexpected error occurred" error. I haven't tried other extensions yet. This is on a MacBook Pro and iMac. Is the Affinity Develop roundtrip working for others? PS the right click on thumbnail "edit with" is also not working for me
  10. Hi - is there now an ETA for a fix for this? Thanks
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